Tuesday , June 15 2021

NASA has closed its mission for 15 years. "Mars Optport NITI" probes: PPTVHD36

NASA has closed the Mars Opportunity Mars exploration mission, which has lasted for 15 years after being in contact for more than 8 months.

NASA has closed its mission for 15 years, the probe
NASA has closed its mission for 15 years, the Mars Opt Port NIT probe.

The US Space Organization or NASA announced the end of its Mars Mars Opportunity mission Official survey Since no signal was received from June 10 last year.

Until last Tuesday night, NASA's control room officers tried to contact and send the last 1000 orders, including the request "See," Billy Holiday on Mars Opportunity Rover, but without any signal.

The reason why Mars Opportunity Rover is missing contact Because the solar panel was covered with sand by a massive storm that happened on Mars in the middle of last year Causing the inability to generate electricity to resume normal work

For the Mars Opportunity craft to land and begin exploring the different areas of Mars in January 2004, NASA originally designed this probe to run for only three months. It turns out that it can work up to 15 years with huge amounts of data. This ship is sent back to help scientists explore and understand Mars more than expected

In addition, Mars Opportunity also made the record as the longest mission on Mars and moved to Mars for as long as one day, which may take several years to destroy this car.

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