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NASA monitors the asteroid near Earth, not in a collision, but at a dangerous level.


NASA Asteroid Reconnaissance Monitor 2006 QQ23 hit Earth August 10, 62 without colliding, as the distance from the world is about 4.6 million miles, but the distance is within the level. "It can be dangerous," you have to watch

On August 10, 62, the space website reported that scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) were observing a large QQ23 asteroid from 2006, which would narrow the world on August 10, 2019. It is believed to be the planet. The lesser 2006 QQ23 will jump our world at a distance of 4.6 million miles (or about 7.406 million kilometers) at a speed of 16 740 kilometers per hour. What is the distance between this asteroid and Earth It is thought to be a close enough distance for scientists to organize "It Can Be Dangerous" asteroids

The asteroid 2006 QQ23 is about 1870 feet in diameter or about 570 feet in size, much larger than the Empire State Building in the United States of New York, which is 1,454 feet tall than Lindley Johnson and Kel Burs. That said at CNN at the World Defense Coordination Office People around the world have nothing to fear that the 2006 QQ23 asteroid will hit every area of ​​the world. Just because scientists have to watch the 2006 QQ23 asteroids because of the distance between asteroids passing through the world. Classified as "Earth-moving Object", whether it's an asteroid or a comet orbiting our Sun.

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(Photo by NASA)

Looking At Objects Moving Through These Near Worlds Bodyguard Protection Mechanism To Ensure No Objects Approaching The World By Reaching The World By Lindley Johnson, Said The Asteroid 2006 QQ23 Is A Medium-sized Planet Usually Has A Planet of such size around the world about 6 times a year.

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