Saturday , November 28 2020

NASA opened the first earthquake on Mars: PPTVHD36

The NASA study explores the phenomenon, which may be an earthquake on Mars or a marsh, for the first time. The team of scientists checks whether the signals of the detected vibrations are caused by some factors.

NASA first finds an earthquake on Mars.
NASA first finds an earthquake on Mars.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Engine in California, US, said on April 6 that Yan Insight could record the sound that could be caused by the earthquake on Mars. This is the first time vibrations are clearly detected on this planet

At the same time, Yansai Insight also found three vibration signals on Mars on March 14, April 10 and April 11, but the vibration size is still less than the level found in the day. On April 6th and without a clear background It is impossible to conclude that the vibrations that have occurred all three times are earthquakes or not

While the team of scientists explores the data to find a clear conclusion about the cause of the earthquake. But it seems to have originated from the shell of Mars instead of the surface

However, the amount of vibration found on April 6 is still very small compared to the surface of the earth that happens every day. But the factor that led Jan Insight to register this phenomenon is that the Martian surface has very little movement compared to the surface of the Earth.

In addition, the magnitude and duration of the Mars earthquakes are also close to some earthquakes on the Moon. Which was discovered between 1969 and 1977 by the Apollo craft

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