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"NESDB" Brakes "Terminal 2" Delicious dream AOT disassembles Master Plan to fall!

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Weekend Manager – Terminal 2, the second passenger terminal building project, Suvarnabhumi Airport After the company again there is an impediment to the Thai Public Company Limited or AOT, the Dismantling Master Plan, which has accelerated the construction of a strong opposition by 12 professional organizations , when the "National Council for Economic and Social Development (NESDB)" or "NESDB" has an official "official" letter that does not agree with AOT under the direction of "Nittichai Sirisarakarn"

This means the temple-shaped temple of the legal person working in the DBP-Nikkei Group, or the Duangrit Bunnag Group, which undoubtedly beats its rivals in the end. Because NESDB's objections are "heavy" and there is reason to listen to them

If you still remember Before, the objection of the sanctuary terminal continued from many countries. Both concern the Thai identity Because the shape is similar to the sanctuary A also at some airports Including concerns about the structure built with wood and environmental safety, hygiene cleaning And maintenance, worried that the airport will become a nest of birds

The key still does not win 1 to winning competitor 1 but is beaten with a foul to bring an action against the Administrative Court But when the Administrative Court ordered not to receive temporary protection AOT said it would immediately proceed to the project, The Duangrit Bunnag Group, which received the evaluation as the second, will find a job without having to wait for the Administrative Court to hear it.

AOT claims that the prosecutor can claim compensation that is not difficult for later remedies if the court has a sentence or a prosecutor's order to win the case. The conclusion is simple if the loss is paid. While there was a question Paid money was "Private money to AOT contractors or someone else."

At the same time, the AOT area will be used to build the "Master Plan" that has been explored. By moving the terminal 2 to the northern end of the Concourse A without protesting by scientists And many professional organizations that are concerned about causing different problems

This issue is considered important.

From representatives of 12 professional organizations such as Thailand's Engineering Consultants Association, Siam Architects Association, Thai Building Industry Association, Thai Urban Architects Association and others. He expressed his opinion with a unanimous vote of 12 – 0. Original master plan The old version is already good, answering everything. Also, the new master plan will cause excessive density, which will lead to reduced quality of service.

This means that the AOT should return to expand the western side of Terminal 1 in line with the original Master Plan.

Mr Nittichai Siriratikarn, Chairman of AOT, said it was necessary to improve the Suvarnabhumi Airport Master Plan to match the situation. And confirmed that the development of Terminal 2 in the area is in line with the revised master plan Approval of the Board of Directors of AOT was adopted.

And he clarified the protester's anxiety by quoting comments from the "International Civil Aviation Organization." (The International Civil Aviation Organization or Ikeo) is making people interested in misunderstanding that Ikeo has agreed with AOT to build Terminal 2, which is a master plan. Who "Dr. Samart Rawafolsit," a former Deputy Governor of Bangkok, did not agree that the Ikeo response book did not contain any messages indicating that Ikeo agreed to the construction of the terminal. Illegal 2 Master Plan

– The answer is easy to understand. For the people and consumers should not suffer Due to the area of ​​Terminal 2 on the north side of the road Kanchanaphisek Changed the area From the original master plan For the design of construction from the south Side of Bangna-Trad Road From the north side The object is narrow. You have to solve many problems Especially the rest of the area to make one-way charges As a result of crowded airplanes Compare as a large department store On a small area "
"Terminal 2 construction, which is not a master plan Inconvenience for passengers traveling from terminal 2 to boarding the aircraft in the second secondary airframe due to the need to use unmanned trains or 2 APM lines consisting of APM cables Underground lines Sky and APM Including the inconvenience to use the remote parking hole Which passengers should drive the car to get on the plane Because there are fewer pit-stops near the building Besides, Terminal 2, which is a master plan, will make the plane to stick to a taxi. "Dr. Samay could make it clear.

While Professor Dr. Somjate Tinipong, former Managing Director, New Bangkok Company Limited (M), clearly states that AOT will continue with the construction of the second passenger terminal, spending more than 4.2 billion bahts. Is an operation that is not in line with the original Master Plan or Master Plan that was planned in 1993 to accommodate 120 million passengers per year

Finally, the Board of Directors of AOT decided to postpone the construction of Terminal 2 at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Because of the objections for the above reasons, AND suspected the second passenger terminal building project, worth 4.2 billion baht, is not consistent with the ICAO study report. And not in accordance with the Master Plan of Suvarnabhumi Airport Planning the Second Passenger Terminal

At that time, the AOT Council asked NESDB to Continue to consider Phase 3 development projects at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the other 2 projects included 1 runway or runway construction line 3 with a total of 22 billion baht and 2. Building of the expansion of the 1st Western Passenger Terminal Building (Western Expansion)) The sum of 6.6 billion baht while NESDB has the most urgent letter No 1115/268 of 16 January 2019 to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport Asked to direct AOT operations in the following order

One – extension of terminal 1 from the east side Designed and studied environmental impact (EIA) is complete. It is important that the cabinet approved on August 24, 2010

Second – Prepare the Western Terminal 1 extension project.
And to accelerate the construction of Terminal 2 in line with the Master Plan, which will be located south of Terminal 1 on the Bangga -Trat road.
Not in the wrong position, master plan Which is northeast of Terminal 1 on the highway side

NESDB said the Master Plan was not yet linked to the development of the country's transport infrastructure over the past 20 years, such as the high-speed rail project. Including the effects that may arise from encouraging the development of the airport in the country as a whole

Dr. Abel may state: "Currently, AOT may fail to continue building Terminal 2, which is on the next master plan."

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