Sunday , July 25 2021

"Neville" commented on "Shaw" after the match with "Liverpool"

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Gary Neville, the legendary full back of Manchester United, the elite team went out to comment on Luke Shaw in the boiling red game with Liverpool 0-0.

Foreign news agencies reported on Feb. 25 that Gary Neville, the legendary Red Devil defender, Manchester United, the Premier League team, went out to comment on Luke. Left back to the red game, always boiling with the Reds Liverpool 0-0 last night.

Of course, In such games the cruel speed is not the same as that of the famous guru. Because both teams compete in pain Which is divided into the household that has to replace three players in the first half While the visiting team changes 1 person in the first half

Finally, Gary Neville came out to comment on Luke Shaw after the game ended, "He (Luke Shaw) showed a great shape in this game, helping the game to become excellent, and the offensive game managed to score the ball pretty well. that in the past 2-3 years he was good enough for the team in both physical and formal conditions? I play But then he struggles and goes back And today he is really exceptional. "

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