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Newcastle vs Arsenal: Premier League preview, day + hour, match, live


Competition information

competition 2019/20 English Premier League Football
Racing day Sunday, August 11, 2019
Time for a race 20:00 Thai time
rival Newcastle vs Arsenal
court St. James's Park
Live Streaming Real Premier Soccer

The presence of both teams

New Castle

Jolin, when heading the most expensive, is the club's record, will start off as a real start for Salika Dong in this game, as will Al-Saint-Maxim. To be positioned with him in front But he is still expected to be quicker about the opportunity to enter Emil Brooke's field. Remove the handle of The Magpies, which has caught on the market deadline.

Jet Willem had to be placed in the left back position, which would allow Matt Richie to be pushed up to play as a winger, but Miguel Al Miron had just graduated from Copa America. With the national team of Paraguay he should not be sent to play in the first game of the season

De Ang Greedlin, Florian Le Chine, Dwight Gayl and Christian Atsu are the main players in Steve Bruce's squad and will lose the right to help. The team in this game for sure

Real 11 predictions: 4-4-2

the goalkeeper Du Brava
halfback Manjee, Char, Las Celle, Willem
midfielder Richie, Shelvey, Long Headquarters, Al Mirron
avant-garde Saint Maximang, Jolene now

Henry Chittian's fever was unpleasant, so the unpredictable big-arms boss Uni Meri had the opportunity to send his new Nicola Pepe to the field. In this game, although Améric is keen to play Cote d'Ivoire star, he will gradually adapt to the team first.

However, Kieran Tierney has been injured since he will not be able to help the team before signing a big gun deal, but David Louise's profile has a good chance of being in place. Center Back when Sagittarius There are not many options in the Support Line.

Danny Sebastian is also expected to be able to play the role of midfielder, played by Aaron Ramsay and coordinated by Mateo Genesee or Lucas. However, Alexander Lagastet had a slight ankle injury and Mesut Ursil and Sead Kolasinaz would not help the team in this match for a reason. The safety, which the club has confirmed before

Predict True 11: 4-3-3

the goalkeeper Leno
halfback Maitland Niels, Socrates, Louise, Monte Real
midfielder Gandez, Shaka, Sebastian
avant-garde Pepe, La Gazette, Obama

Last 5 games

Tottenham Hotspur (Win 3 draw 0, lose 2)

August 3 friendly New Castle 2: 1 Saint – Etienne beating
July 31 friendly ul slippery 1: 3 New Castle beating
July 27 friendly Preston North End 2: 1 New Castle loss
July 20th friendly New Castle 1: 0 West Ham beating
July 17 friendly New Castle 0: 4 Wolf loss

Arsenal (2 wins, 0 draws, 3 losses)

August 5 friendly Barcelona 2: 1 arsenal loss
August 1 friendly Angers West 1: 1 (1: 0) arsenal beating
July 28 friendly arsenal 1: 2 Lyon loss
July 24 friendly Real Madrid 3: 2 (2: 2) arsenal loss
July 21 friendly arsenal 3: 0 Phil Orange Aires beating

Offensive (Newcastle won 1 draw, 0 Arsenal won 4)

April 2, 2019 Major League arsenal 2: 0 New Castle
September 15, 2018 Major League New Castle 1: 2 arsenal
April 15, 2018 Major League New Castle 2: 1 arsenal
December 16, 2017 Major League arsenal 1: 0 New Castle
January 2, 2016 Major League arsenal 1: 0 New Castle

Interesting statistics from OPTA

  • Arsenal can win 12 games against Newcastle in the last 13 games. The final defeat of artillery against Salika Dong took place in April 2018 at St. James Park.
  • Last The Magpies Orbit meets Sagittarius In the first Major League opener game of the 2011/12 season, the result ended at a draw of 0-0. p
  • The famous London team has won the first Premier League game 4 of the last 6 years, including Aston Villa 1-3 (Homecoming, 2013/14), West Ham 0-2 (Home Arrival, 2015/16) Liverpool 3-4 (Home, 2016/17) and Manchester City (0-2, 2018/19)
  • Pholphakoon Arme has never won a league opener since beating the Spurs 2: 1 in the 2012/13 season. Thereafter, there were 5 losses and 1 draw.
  • The result of St. James Park's game in Newcastle in the last 25 Premier League games ended with just 1 game (13 wins, 11 draws). It's been a 6-point win in the last eight games.
  • Arsenal have managed to keep a clean sheet in the away game of the Premier League just 1 time out of 19 games last season. They also lost the wick when they went out to play all 35 goals, with Burnley (36 goals), Bournemouth and Fulham (45 goals) losing only when they were away from home. he
  • Steve Bruce will become the second team manager after Sam Allardis, who oversaw both Sunderland and Newcastle playing in a Premier League game.
  • The former Manchester United footballer also has the most unbeaten record against Arsenal 19 times, with a total of 27 games (2 wins), more than any other team. That he also disputed
  • The door of 13 guns from all 17 rear doors. Pierre-Emerich Obama (9 goals) and Alexander La Gazette (4)

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