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Ng! While the man was afraid, the asteroid hit the world But Jupiter is full (video) »SpringNews


Gone are the cases Asteroids hit the Earth. Which, in the end, only narrowly and does not affect the opposite, flashes of light were detected in another corner of Jupiter and she was struck by a meteorite from the view.

Previously, the world had little chance of winning. Asteroid 2006 QQ23, 570 meters in diameter, narrowly reaches Earth, a distance of 7.3 million kilometers, with a warning from a star organization. And astronomy that can make meteorites come to Earth Which is the last thing many people fear Asteroids hit the Earth. It didn't happen in any way

Asteroids hit the Earth. He was not born, but Jupiter does not survive!

On the contrary, information from Facebook fans of the National Institute of Astronomy, Feng Page revealed that Jupiter, which has a mass greater than 317 times larger than Earth and 1400 times larger than Earth, was hit by "meteorites" while will not pass. By amateur astronomer Ethan Chapel, able to clearly record incidental videos of Jupiter And marks the seventh time in history that this massive planet has been hit

Watch the video. Click on the photo.

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