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No. 1, Every Business Opens HANA-PSH-THAI-PTTGC Profit Drop – Hoonsmart

[ad_1] >> The company that has the most market restrictions in any business Most of them have a 2Q / 11 profit drop. Delta Electronics can make only 872 million baht. Product Sales Growth – Gross Profit, Decline in Real Estate Prices, as PSH Expected to Lose 40% of THAI Loss, 6.8 Billions of PTTGC-TOP bathtubs were accumulating as the electricity business grew.

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) may have in-depth data to see many numbers contract sharply. So they decided to reduce the policy rate from 0.25% to 1.5% and signaled a reduction in the economic growth target in 2019. Analysts expect GDP for the second quarter to fall below the 1Q09 growth of 2.8%, as seen by the numbers. Net Profit of Listed Companies on the Thailand Stock Exchange Big Companies with the Highest Market Capitalization or Market Restrictions in Every Business Still Have a Lower Net Profit Must be in line with Asia Plus Securities Co., Ltd., forecasting real businesses results Profit narrowed from Q2 / 201, reaching THB 260 billion and Bt 266 billion in Q1962 due to global economic slowdown. Trade war poisoning is squeezing Thailand's negative exports The Thai baht is estimated at 1% and there is still a reserve for long-term benefits for retired employees during this quarter.

E-commerce Led by Delta Company Electronics (Thailand) or DELTA reported a net profit of just 872 million baht, a decrease of 37% from 2Q / 1, although sales of goods and services increased 6% to 13 915 million baht and were increased by 7.5% in the first quarter due to the market still needing products for network switches. And industrial instruments instruments But gross profit dropped 4% to 2.722 million baht and fell 6.9% year-on-year due to the deterioration of the telecommunications business in India. And reduced market demand

As for the Hana microelectronics company, which has second-tier market caps, net profit improved to 535 million baht due to a 103 million baht exchange rate gain, which translates into a 236 million baht loss in the second quarter in 2018 while sales revenue decreased by 5% to 5,200 million baht compared to C 5500 million baht. Revenue from US dollar sales declined 4% to $ 163 million from $ 171 million for the same period last year.

For the real estate business In addition to being affected by the shrinking economy and purchasing power, it also announced the use of LTV measures from April 1, 2019, leading to a marked decrease in sales, transfers and the launch of new projects. Pruksa Holding (PSH) has a net profit of just 932 million. Bat Total revenue decreased by 28.2% to 7 806 million baht. Gross profit declined 28.1% from 3,892 million baht to 2 799 million baht. In particular, real estate sales declined by more than 3,000 million baht or 27.5% to 7,919.

The aviation business loses all companies Especially Thai Airways (THAI) net loss of 6.883 million baht, worse than 3 785 million baht. 122% of net loss of 3,098 million baht in the second quarter of 2018 as tourists slowed and price competition increased, while Asia Aviation, Airlines of Thai AirAsia, also reported a net loss of 482 million baht . Nok Airlines also recovered a net loss of 674 million baht from a loss of 829 million baht for the same period last year. The average aircraft utilization rate increased by 1.91%. Passenger production revenue increased by 3.28%, while passenger production cost decreased by 4.33%. The number of passengers is 2.02 million, up 8.18% from 2.20 million. people

Media business leader BEC World (BEC) has a net loss of 103 million baht, worse than 81 million baht, equivalent to 359% of the net loss of 22 million baht over the same period last year. As revenue from advertising time sales declined 23% to 1814.8 million baht. The company tried to find more revenue from new channels.

Companies that do business in commodities such as petrochemicals have collapsed as purchasing power declines according to the global economy. And more production than demand, such as PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC), leaving only 2.202 million baht, compared to over 10 billion baht in 2Q / 6 and Thai Oil (TOP) has a net profit of just 566 million. baht

Persian Energy Development (GULF) 's No. 1 electricity business has not yet reported on the results of operations. But believe it will grow Due to increased investment in production capacity in both local and international projects, Clean Energy Company No. 2 (EA) has a net profit of 1,442.44 million baht, an increase of 457.51 million baht, which is 46.45% of net profit of 984.92 million baht for the same period. Last year With an increase in revenue of 813.48 million baht or 43.38%, recognizing full quarterly revenue from the 260 MW total hydroelectric project

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