Thursday , June 17 2021

Open the heart of Coc Boncott after the picture is ready. "For children"

From the case of love showing the girls Tak Bongkot Put a picture with your son Nong Khao Hom And relatives Toon like Varah Ready to install the hash # For the child So people wonder if her privacy is in trouble So the young lady opened her heart to the reporters.

Asked about the photo that was published. Ready to write caps Can be patient for the kids Many people wonder what happened?
"What is not It's just a hashta, let's look just colorful, there's nothing, the part that closes the comments, because sometimes we do not have time to respond to comments." As soon as someone entered the comment, he would understand that he was not we can take care of it Maybe the conclusions do not mean that we are closing the minds of other people But if we do not have time to answer We fear that other people will look arrogant Do not you care Unanswered "

You have no trouble with the disappointment, are you?
– No, if you do not mind, you will not be able to see the social media. He would be in a normal room Because I do not want anyone to know our personal questions "

Ask about the flow of the drama that was published on the chest?
"It's really nonsense He just wanted to know how to get angry I felt it was not good, why should I write But other celebrities were also affected To play social media, do you have to come to mind?" Then Pak answered because he wants to get Tac's opinion.

When there are people who say this, do we flirt?
– No, at this point, not much. If we had to do something about what we will do next What will work What movie do the Capitalists need to help? More than that As far as the comments are concerned, it is very small for a lifetime.

Khun Boonchai, what about this news?
"Khuong Bonchae does not play social media. Although he has done transport, he does not play social media. He had no comment. In other words, we are not talking about everything. "

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