Thursday , June 17 2021

Open the image of the clouds, rainbows or clouds that appear in Phuket's sky.

Follow pictures of natural phenomena, dazzling clouds, rainbows or clouds that appear above the sky in the Phuket area.

    Cloud from Arcus
On April 22, 2019, Phuket's people published photos and videos of the phenomenal nature of the clouds.
Or clouds, clouds of clouds, large groups of clouds formed in the sky in the Phuket area

As for
Arduous clouds or clouds of bumper Dr. Bancha Tanabunsombbat
Scientists from the Agency for Science Development and National Technology or NSTDA
And cloud lovers club Used to give information Looks like front bumper
It will be the reaction of a rain cloud that will bend to the ground
There are 2 types of arctic clouds: roll form, tube roll and shelf.
There is the shape of the floor There is no direct danger in the Arcus cloud
But because Arcus is part of a thundercloud
There is therefore a risk of lightning especially positive lighting
It can work a few miles from the cloud

    Cloud from Arcus

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