Sunday , June 13 2021

Open the stock market February 13, 62 plus 5.78 points

The index of the Thai stock market opened in the morning as the index opened at 1648.27 points, to 5.78 points and the value of trading was 1.973.61 million baht. Although market conditions still have positive externalities after the Democrats and Republicans reached an interim agreement, avoiding a halt. By agreeing to build a fence to block the $ 1.4 billion Mexican border Including US-China trade talks – China has made more progress since two countries are negotiating a new round of trade on 14 – February 15, including Trump's presidents, may postpone the trade talks with China from the same deadline of March 1, resulting in concerns about military issues, trade facilitation, and the promotion of the global investment direction. In addition, crude oil prices recovered after oil production in OPEC declined in January as well as Saudi Arabia to cut production again next month. But the uncertainty of domestic political issues from the news of the dissolution of the National Party of Thailand, which is negative for investor confidence and will put pressure on the index to weaken

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