Sunday , June 13 2021

Oppo is preparing to organize the ICONIC SHOT X, OPPO, to take pictures with the Oppo R17 Pro.

OPPO organizes "ICONIC SHOT X OPPOTHE MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY SEMINAR expects to receive beautiful OPPO R17 Pro shooting techniques and a full photographic experience soon.

Oppo is preparing to organize the "ICONIC SHOT X OPPO" event soon.

It's another activity that has received a huge response to the Iconic Shooting OPPO photo competition, which is open to people from all over the country to join in the fun. Make beautiful pictures with OPPO and you can win a photo with your own hands. The contestants are owners of different versions of OPPO. This is ready to fully show the shooting skills From past activities So we can see that the current smartphone is just one device You can also take pictures and collect different emotions Whether you are shooting night shots Take a landscape Taking pictures in black and white or taking portraits of people can get out pretty well without ever losing a big camera.

Oppo R17 for mobile expo 2019

And it's time! For the winners of the event You have the right to participate in the most exclusive activities of the ICONIC SHOT X OPPO MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHIC FAMILY of the studio Baan Taksin Who has 3 photographic experts sharing the photographic experience Seminars are prepared with experts from each country who come with photographic techniques with OPPO R17 Pro, including Model Portrait, Studio Lowlight, Mini Studio and Nature.

Can be summoned to prepare for complete photographic techniques Good things like this OPPO has always provided. Then follow the next move or activity of

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