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"Pat" in a heavy, embrace "baby" and both tears

"Producer 4 camps" held the song "Power Plus", made Pat, Napa, hugged "Baby" and both tears.

He is known for being strongIn the mother of the strongest of the new entertainment industry "Pat "Napafatracul" Come to save "Melody for masterpiece War of the Song as "Melody Guest appearanceThis tape

Throughout your lifeLet's be a problem for musicManufacturers of 4 music labels "LOVEiS" Tong – Apicha Suxangfay and Wutiwong Prakanfrom "Starts" "Spicy Disk" Gates – Siwaphong Hemwong and Jub-Theerawongwatana Jarupong from "Ruby" "I am" Mak – Saran Wong Noah and it issong– Manalong Tonkanon, B-Sotthinan Chaisang 2 boys "ETC. "and" Muzik Move "Beer Fizz – Uthai Chalerm, Donna– Then the end of the county contour "Fifth season", Songkran – create Home of Wisdom

Both stories are very heavy, buttappingGo back to smile and show upPlus, while the whole stew Crack your hands

"I do not like sad songs especially when we mean a story We need encouragement Because the patch should be usedLots in raising children Growing a child to grow thereThe positive force, the mother and the people around you are very important. If my mother feels bad The races will be a boring child. Pat must have very positive energy. In order for the baby to get good power …The story of lifePat origin, whether good or bad We can not define it, but we have to fight.I have to deal with him. Pat always said he was okay. Tomorrow is still there Time will help to heal better.I have some tears. But Pat saw that it was just a cat scratch Because of the painful and deep woundWe went through this point. I did not want to go back in timeWhat are all the things that have passed in the past?Some stories may suffer. But Pat saw that it wasB, because today Pat gets whatThe best in life is Lou.A.

Story solves the song that's already Peak. During the show, the biggest peak, because 2 wild singers, the legendary mother come to joinFry the music while the whole studio is shocked. Especially invited guests who competeMost difficulttappingStill heavythe embraceBrothers RacingSon of WaterSanta Claus

Do not miss! "Melody for a song that warfares "Saturday, April 27, 2019 Time 21.15 hours. Through real four channels U 24

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