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Player Trade Summary August 15: The ghost scout's discovery is not pleased with Bruno, a yellow tiger with pleated Sancho team.


Player Trade Summary August 15: The ghost scout's discovery is not pleased with Bruno, a yellow tiger with pleated Sancho team.

1. Deals – Betis throws Spanall's attacker. Image of Tomorn Real Betis released 26-year-old Spanish striker Borgia Iglesias from Espanyol, joining the army for 28 million euros (about 25.8 million pounds).

2. Done Deal – Former rising starImage of Tomorn Jeff Rehn – Adelaide, a 21-year-old French midfielder, a former Arsenal star, has agreed to move from Angers to Lyon worth EUR 25 million (around £ 23 million) on a 5-year contract.

3. Deals – Roke Mesa Joy Leganes temporarilyImage of Tomorn Sevilla have confirmed the release of Rock Mesa, a 30-year-old Spanish midfielder who was moved to join Deportivo Leganes club, a friend of La Liga, with a loan agreement.

4. Alexis Swan moved to escape the red ghost holeAlexis Sanchez, Paul PogbaAlex Livesey / GettyImages The Times reports that 30-year-old Chilean national team Alexis Sanchez wants to move away from Manchester United before the European player market deadline is over.

In addition, Daily Mail also said that clubs such as Milan, Juventus and Napoli have also been reported as the star of the Red Devils.

5. Stirringer shook the turkey's footstepsDaniel SturridgeJan Krueger / GettyImages Trabzonspor and Besiktas of the Turkish Super League have become favorites for 29-year-old England striker Daniel Sturridge, who will be crowned after the loss. A contract with Liverpool, such as Eintracht Frankfurt and Atalanta, is closely monitoring the situation.

6. Rajanakra stretches Vinicius to DelnmarTOPSHOT-FBL-FRA-LIGUE1-PSG Training.DOMINIQUE FAGET / GettyImages AS Media in Spain has reported that Paris Saint-Germain has expressed its desire to give Real Madrid 19-year-old Vinisius Jr., a Brazilian star, as part of a deal with DeLeymar, but the White King has denied the condition. soon

While Marga pointed the news in the same direction, PSG wanted Luka Modric and Casemiro tied to the proposed polarization bid.

And Esport de Deportivo, saying the Brazilian national team split with a teammate in Paris on Wednesday and will have to train alone until the move is complete.

7. Linda's love is bound by the Red Devil.FBL-ENG-PR-MAN UTD-CHELSEAOLI SCARFF / GettyImages Afton Bladet, a Swedish media outlet, revealed that the 25-year-old Victor Linde Center for Love has succeeded in responding to Manchester United's new proposal, worth £ 75,000 a week.

8. Revealing the cause of the red ghost withdrawing Bruno's dealFBL-POR-CUP-BENFICA-SPORTING.PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / GettyImages The Delhi Mail report states that the reason Manchester United fell behind to win Bruno Fernandez, Portugal's 24-year-old Portuguese midfielder Sporting Lisbon, is because the Red Devils' scout team was watching midfield. Such golds don't lose the ball too often.

9. The Yellow Panther has a great team.Jaden Malik SanchoMay Hity / GettyImages Rurnachrichten, a media outlet in Germany, said Borussia Dortmund refuses to negotiate the sale of Edin Sancho on the 19-year-old British line. One of the big clubs in Europe without actually identifying the team.

Cited as news that is one of the goals of the Manchester United army in the market to buy players last summer.

10. The Spurs were hoping to lift Eric Zen in another battle.FBL-ENG-PR-TOTTENHAM-ASTON VILLADANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / GettyImages Tottenham Hotspur is ready to discuss with Eric Eriksen, the 27-year-old midfielder of the Danish national team on the contract extension, before the deadline for trading on the European market ends on the second day. This September amid rumors of Real Madrid and Juventus, Indie Independent reported

Players market From the battle English Premier League Football This summer has passed the deadline, which ends on August 8.

Elite city top teams and champions will not be able to buy players for reinforcements. (Excluding free agent)

But they are still able to sell their football to other markets, which are scheduled for intraday deadlines, as outlined below

When did European players close the market?

Spanish League Trading Deadline: September 2nd

German Bundesliga deadline: 2 September

French League Trading Deadline: September 2nd

Eredivisie Netherlands market deadline: 2 September

Italian Kaloche Serie A Market Deadline: August 23rd

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