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Politics – "Mocking" Ksh "Red shirt leader" found in Singapore "Stop worrying – Thinking" always in Thailand

Thursday, 22 November 2018, 14.23 hrs

Miao mocks Ksh. "Red shirt leader" found in Singapore "Stop worrying – thinks" always in Thailand

22 Nov 61 Mr. Anon Saen Nan, former founder of Red Shirt Village "Thaksin Shinawatra", provides an agricultural policy that takes care of people and the Thai people forever.

Today, in Singapore, former Prime Minister "Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra". And he is the Prime Minister of the Thai people. Mr. Ananachan Saengthong, Delegate from the North Region, Nittaya Yollo of the North-East Region and Ms Tanapatr Pongsawat, Representative of the Farmer Group / Community Enterprise. People's Help Policies.

You said that. "… miss the Thai people and the lives of people I want to let people have a career to make all people have a lot of income, we want to allow us to care for one another, not to leave one another, especially the lack of opportunity and farmers.If the government is elected and the government comes from the elections, the Thai economy will improve and people will have a better life … "

We met this time with Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, we are very happy to see you in May 2014 before the revolution in just a few days. At that time he was only 60 years old, but this year he is almost 70 years old, but look at him. Just as in the first 50 years, unlike the last four years, you seem to be very old. We are glad that you raised your fists and showed your attitude. The strength of your body is very strong and "very beautiful" for the mass members and Thai people who still love and believe in it, he said, "… age is only a number." The body is strong and ready to go … "

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