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POWER BUY EXPO 2019 – Power Your Future Promotion of Electric Appliances 17-26 May at BITEC, Bangna

POWER BUY EXPO 2019 – The Power of Your Future Update the trend of the most modern appliances in the future.

With a strong date promotion 17-26 May 2562 In BITEC, Bangna

Work started POWER BUY EXPO 2019 This comes with grandeur Equipped with the 22-year anniversary of Power Buy, a leader in the manufacture of electrical appliances, IT products and electronics. Fully integrated with service branches throughout Thailand This year, the concept of innovation was held in the future. "PLEASE YOUR FUTURE "

Enhance advanced technology products And do not miss out on TV WALL, Thailand's longest television wall, 44 meters from 13 well-known brands and more than 100 other brands, including more than 10,000 items to be shown with special promotions May 17 to 26, 2019 from 10:00 to 22:00 in Hall 103-104, BITEC, Bangna

Mr. Loren Posz, President of Power Buy Company Ltd. said, "In the era in which technology becomes part of everyday life, Power Buy has been in business for 22 years and never stops responding to changing lifestyle habits." By focusing on Customer Centric as a major strategy

You can see the introduction of innovation within the POWER BUY EXPO 2019 in new ways TV WALL This creates an experience for consumers to make product purchases easier Including new technological trends in the future from world-class brands such as Smart Home, AI Service Robot It started using robots and AI in the home

To increase the level of comfort And increase the quality of life for consumers More in the digital age Includes various recreational activities within the event that reach customers with different interests as well as zones Energy salon Is done for rest of important customers And provide advice for after-sales service. "

For POWER BUY EXPO 2019 the event will be held over 10,000 square meters, offering many special events that should not be missed. Power Vision Offers a TV wall with a length of more than 44 meters, 13 brands, over 100 models including the trend of QLED TV and OLED technology to choose between many models, many levels, price

Like the Samsung QLED 8K, which has a clear idea of ​​life, the LG OLED TV W8 model that simulates virtual surround sound in cinema, the Sony Bravia Oled 4K, which can be used to manage sound, search for information and ask questions on TV

As we open the world of the technologies of the future Power Innovation Innovative electrical appliance that responds to different lifestyles such as Samsung Smart Home, which shows the connection and control of home appliances with a sound system, TA RobotTS RomaBot) is a robot for AI service, and a full robot can be ordered with a Thai voice. English is in the Genie model, and the home assistant's robot is a friend who creates happiness.
And smiles for the elderly and the model of Amy is a personal robot assistant who talks, talks and helps in everyday life

There are also electrical appliances. New innovations that were launched for the first time at this event, such as CUCKOO air purifier (Khu Khu) Premium South Korean brand, Dyson V11 rechargeable vacuum cleaner, iRobot Roomba e5 automatic vacuum cleaner, Tefal IXEO steam ironing machine, QT1020 and others.

Besides, there are fun and challenging activities with a street dancing competition. Power Beat JBL-backed audio, with a prize worth more than 70,000 baht Power Snap With net girls, big prizes, mobile phones, HUAWEI P30 PRO and HUAWEI P30, worth more than 50,000 baht

Including special e-sports tournament games with both Power Challenge X Tips PCG PubG contest. Get prizes of 50,000 baht and Challenge X Power In FIFA 2019, the prize is a PS4 (Playstation 4) player with a prize pool of over 30,000 baht.

And also entertainment activities And enjoy Recipe for energy Create a new menu of chefs and nutritionists Together with many well-known electric appliances such as Philips, Tefal, Electrolux, Sharp everyday and celebrities gather together to create colors like Non-Thanon Chamroen's Mini Concert, Artist, Hot Young Actor The Mask Owner The Singles Singer, Mask Singer Season 4 on the opening day, Meet & Greet and Solo – Suriyon To join the Singles Singles discussion, highlighting Sing Sing, showcase Electrolux clothing and mini concerts by Sor. Jiyeon at the start eventCUCKOO Air Purifier on May 19, 2019

"I grew up with Power Buy If I have a chance I will regularly visit the Power Buy Expo because apart from special deals there are new technologies in the event that are constantly updated and this year I'm excited about the spectacular TV wall Let me compare models for each model And it's easier to decide which version All almost all models are called Also there are many promotions Very amazing, "said Non-Thanon.

In case more than 100 innovative brands, 10,000 items were sold at a special price. With a full promotion, allowing customers to shop at the best price, with a buy of 10,000 baht, a 1000 baht discount and a special customer, The 1, gets cash up to 36,000 baht. You get 3% discount and you can also use points to get a maximum of 15% discount and join the fun shopping with Crazy Item items, special price breaks every day, 2 times a day at 13.30 and 18.30.

Come and experience the technological innovation of the future. And Special Offers at Power Buy EXPO 2019 – Power Your Future May 17-26, 2019, 10:00 – 22:00 In Hall 103-104, BITEC, Bangna. Various Promotions from Power Buy at, Facebook: Power Buy and Line: @ Power Buy

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