Tuesday , June 15 2021

Probably Woodward was terribly missed. The meaning of the specter is bad because it pulls the problem.


Chief Executive Officer of the Red Devils, Manchester United confessed his own sins that caused problems. While the team does not lose its spirit in the dressing room …

The British media Times reported on April 22 foreign news agencies that Ed Woodward, Managing Director of Manchester United, told a close friend that he made a big mistake. Alexis Sanchez came from Arsenal in 2018.

Alexis moves polarizingly with Henrik Macyoton earlier this year. Before he received a maximum of five hundred thousand pounds of Premier League statistics a week

But it turned out he did not manage to call the good shape of Arsenal. In addition, the spirit in the team is lost. Because the Red Devil star, like Paul Pogba or David Deka, wants to get the salary in the new contract near him.

The stage behind the Reds is not good, which made Ed Woodward provoke the wrong decision by pulling Alexis into the team that caused the problems, including the inner spirit. Include the work team that is considered worse every day

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