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Once there is a dramatic flow from the British Embassy building This is an archeological site And I could be wrong Because I have to seek permission from the newest art department That such land and buildings is a treasure of the British Government Who has the right to sell to anyone

This land was sold at a price of £ 420 million, or about £ 19,000 million, sold to Hong Kong Land, an investment and commercial property operator. And Central Group I moved to the AIA building, Sathorn Road

Previously, a Facebook page of the ICOMOSThailand Association posted a picture of the destruction of this embassy building. And questioning how to do it because it is an archeological site Although not yet registered But these buildings are valuable according to the definition of Ancient Incident Based on Outstanding Conservation Awards From the Siamese Society, which also received and asked if the Fine Arts Department knows about it or not And it is also supposed the Destroyer will be punished by the Ancient Incidents Act, which states that if the land is still in England, it can be dismantled. But when the land was transferred to the Thai, the power to crack the building belongs only to the director of the Fine Arts Department.

Dramatic Garden Wrecked the British Embassy Building "I'll Sell His Rights to Everyone!" & # 39; | Tiger News

Photos from Facebook UK in Thailand

Today (13 August) there is a reply from the page of little Princess Andaman that this land and building are the property of England. And when it is sold to the Central Group, it changes to Thai There are people who view this building as an archeological site. But considered as an ancient Thai monument or not ready Will I come to keep I-Ah-Am? He bought it at a profit? It will allow the state to lose ten billion To buy back the land Then bring it for conservation The state will allow "

The Maha Gibbons Thai Taps page says this building is an English embassy. It is therefore England's treasure. Therefore, to sell to everyone, this is its history

In addition, there is a stream of netizens who came to comment on this. Even the British decided to sell. It shows that this building is not so important And why do we think instead? There is also a tendency that this building is unlikely to be an ancient monument since it was built in 1922. The age is still less than 100 years.

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Source Kapook, ICOMOSThailand Association

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