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Scientists point out the use of tobacco cannabis Take a decision not to quit The risk of poisoning increases! – Nation

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Because news has come out of the use of marijuana to stop tobacco You have to be very careful about the use of tobacco-related marijuana Because there is no evidence of medical science or research that clearly confirms the effects of cannabis smoking to stop tobacco

Prof. Ronnachai Kongsakon, director of the Center for Research and Management of Tobacco (TRC), published a research report in the US medical journal "Clinical Psychiatry" in 2018, finding that "cannabis smoking" – Forced people who never smoke tobacco, smoke more tobacco People who quit smoking turn to smoking new tobacco. Tobacco smokers continue to smoke Tobacco consumption is most worrying, confirming the results of research abroad "The use of marijuana and tobacco will influence the decision not to stop tobacco use" , using tobacco to wrap marijuana. Usual use of tobacco

"Based on information from the Institute of Drugs and Alcohol at Washington University In the United States it was found that" the risk of marijuana use in combination with tobacco "is 1) the use of marijuana in combination with tobacco has a heavier effect on abstinence of marijuana 2) Identify more respiratory diseases than consumption 3) Risk of increased toxicity and higher exposure to carbon monoxide than tobacco users only 4) There is a problem with learning and memory compared. wana in combination with tobacco during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth instead of using it, "said Dr Rohachai.

Prof. Ronnachai concluded that Marijuana is a new story in Thailand. It is a pleasure to develop studies on the use of medicines for the purposes of the newly revised drugs legislation. But tobacco has a clear study of the effects of marijuana use that is harmful to public health. That is why I want to leave this issue to the public for recognition

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