Monday , June 14 2021

Seoul Sharma opened his mind after the Red Devils broke the cannon.

Seoul Sharma opened his mind after the Red Devils broke the cannon.

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Ole Kunnar Solchar, the manager of Manchester United's football team, opened his mind after leading the team to defeat the Arsenal 5 finalists in the FA Cup.

Foreign news agencies reported on Jan. 26 that Ole Ghanar Solchard, the Red Devils manager, Manchester United, praised the offensive's attitude after winning the "big guns". Arsenal 3: 1 in the English Cup on the 4th round on Friday evening, admiring Luc Shaw, Alexis Sanchez and Romulus Lukaku.

This match, Manchester United won a goal by Alexis Sanchez, 31 minutes, Jesse Lingdard, 33 minutes and Anthony Marsh, 82 minutes, as Arsenal received from Pierre Emerych. 43 minutes ago Bamayon made a red devil in the last 16 teams.

After the end of the match, Sol Sharma said the excellent result of Alexis Sanchez (leading to the goal) and the excellent ball from Romelu Lukaku. It's a counter-attack in Manchester United's classic style, we still defend right And we can make this game We have flexible protection. And the attitude towards forward is great, while Luc Shaw is excellent on the second goal. He does not panic or throw the ball. But he pulled the ball out of the field and called for a lagoon that handed the ball to Lyngard to shoot at the best shot "

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