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Seriously but carefully! Madam Khong, a football player, Chula Chula, Spirit spirits, tradition |

Madame hopes to win a Chula in the traditional football competition. Tamasat University – Chulalongkorn, No. 73, keeps the spirit fighting for unity

Nuanphan Lamsam, co-manager Chulalongkorn's football team revealed that the football team hopes to win in the 73rd tradition Let us lift the spirit of fighting for unity.

Traditional Football Competition The Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University, held a press conference on Jan. 25 at the Tamazat Association. This year was held under the concept of "The Road to Tomorrow, the Future Who Defines" by Chula's football team, which has Madam Dung Nuanfan Lamsam and Sutipan Vannawet sitting as Team Manager. I hope I will lead the team to create a surprise this year with a policy of fighting for unity. Playing in the field with the spirit The horror made players hurt the Thai League, which will open the season.

"Thank you for honoring this position for the past 3. There are a lot of hats that are worn in. Both of the football team managers who will play during World Cup 2 and the port that just finished 3 the place in the Thai League 2018, meet every taste of football As a manager of the team we hope to create happiness for the people of Chula Take this year We will have to come to meet soon so that the athletes are most ready before they enter in the competition This competition hopes to create love and unity of veterina institutions. Which is an old institution has a long history with Thai society Therefore, football, past tradition every year, therefore emphasizes the spirit and the spirit of the athletes.

"From making football for a long time." Make sure the injury players are a big deal and affect every club, so we both are serious. I would also like to focus on the sporting spirit. The goodness of two brothers and sisters, always great Being serious but being good to each other To make the game the most enjoyable day I hope everyone will come to cheer. To be cheerful for the two players, "Madame said at last.
For the 73rd Tamassat-Chula tradition of football on Saturday, February 9, 2019, in the Souchatchasai Stadium at 12.00 pm, the tickets are 200-300 baits, which are broadcast live between 15:00 and 18:00. FAMILY 14 and TNN24

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