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– shouted Kay Sompol, a thief of his machine was stolen, fortunately air-Stuart surrounded the impromptu thief.

This is another unexpected event for Kay Sompol Piaypongseri after addressing the others in Hong Kong. Together with two other friends, but a bag was stolen on the plane But fortunately he knew And he received a steward who was a professional, very useful Including the good luck of the police in Hong Kong

In this case Kai Sipon published a long message telling the experience he had just met. Warning to be wary of criminals Listen to this …

"This trip, we went to Hong Kong for three people. We sat at the front. Keep the shoulder bag in the top storage area, usually before the machine is up. The incident occurred when the crew served food. We just finished eating Take a look at the behavior of a person from the bathroom and look at us. (Given that he can remember us 8) He went to sit behind us in the third row. The second row has 2 Thai tourists.

I began to notice from the mirror, reflecting that he had strange symptoms. Well, he looked back at us all the time to watch and watch There are signs and symptoms that are obvious. And then say this Where you pick up the bag I put my head over me Ask again Well, I too. He got out of the seat and opened the locker.

"Opa, it's really here," the voice screamed, for the shot was my bag was on the floor between the legs of a male thief. Search for items in my bag I immediately stood up to join. The first image that was visible was the money that had been collected in the envelope scattered in the bag. With nationality, I called out on top of "theft, theft, stealing." Nong Air, a brilliant man, joined Stewart. He came to besiege thieves

I would like to visit Nong Air, especially my sister, Tae Perzer. Very professional Very quickly united with no fear Come to ask for a place from him Another brother, Orange, joined him and said I was going to report to the captain. The young steward jumped from the back of the machine to stand up and fence. Air, everyone knows their own duties. Working very professionally, knowing what to do when faced with this type of event.

Would you like to admire and congratulate Air Air, this flight (FD504 On 16/05/62) Fortunately, there is also the Hong Kong police of the machine. Finally, when the device arrived at Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Police arrested the thieves and questioned us more. At the same time, I had to thank the older Da and Nong Thor, who had become witnesses to us because we were sitting in the second row behind us. He must be wasting time to testify to the police.

While the police finally arrested him and continued to pursue and let us start traveling comfortably Intimately speaking, understanding this We are tourists, we do not wanna waste time, it's all over (take less than 1 hour) # Thank you for the Pearl Snake on this left and orange on the right Including the air conditioner and the steward, this flight did not take any pictures.

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