Saturday , July 24 2021

"Siamese icons" each "molecule" here has a source.

I want to write a remake of the "Siamese icon" for another day. This is a big investment like the one in front of the headline. "Bet on the life of the Jade Family," which I agree … may not be written for one day.

Full story in front of the women. On Sunday, November 4, before the opening ceremony, 5 days is a summary of what is in the heart and spirit of this tough woman. The most complete.

Compile the main themes of all the words in the Jade Tribe and answer our questions. Ask why and the results of an investment of 54,000 million on each issue.

"Siamese icons of Thai people. What we created is not a city but the identity of the Thai people in this era."

"There are people who ask what the Siamese icon is. What do you want to get most from it? I want people to walk to hundreds of thousands of people. But this is the most sought after. All Thais who come to walk on the Siamese icon learn the story of Thailand in all dimension and retreat with the heart of love Thailand. I feel lucky to be a Thai person.

"The Siamese icon is a place to tell millions of Thai stories to the world. I want to make Thailand famous and elegant on the world stage. I want to call back confidence. After Thailand we were busy for years"

I like what he said "To give the Siamese icon a place to tell a million stories about Thailand" because today the word "story" or "story" is the word of the world today.

All good sellers must have a product that accompanies it and has an interesting "story".

"Wine" bottles of hundred thousand are sold because of myths and stories. For those who will drink a bottle of wine, talk about history and taste.

Brand Name Bags or one hundred thousand brands. There are stories that show characteristics to carry a bag that runs proudly.

This is the importance of the word "story", and of course, just as important is knowing "stories" to make each product like someone.

I have to tell people. In the UK, "Storytelling" is being taught at the graduate level.

Because of this, everything on the Siamese icon has a "story" to tell everything.

Try to use the bathroom at "Suk Siam", a place to show a little Thai identity. Then you will find a toilet using a sarong to wash your face. And Thailand's color wall pattern.

This is a story about a special child (Autistic) a group of people who have been trained to be able to draw and write pictures too.

Or the "Apple" distribution center (Apple Store) products known to people around the world have stories. This is the first Apple Store in Thailand. Not a branch or dealer in the past.

I don't know how to do it.

When all have stories like this, the iconic Siam Project must have a story. When you speak, he talks about his arrival and thoughts through every media in every field. As I pointed out in the section on the Thairath women's page as an example above.

Another story from one of the Siamese icons that you always remember is Chada.

"Inspired by Father" … Father came and took his hand. After the success of the Siam Paragon project and the words that made it move forward. Next to the Siam icon.

Who is the father of the Jade Dynasty? And come talk to him? Tomorrow, let's talk about "another story".


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