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Sony joins the three-city photography training center Open photo gallery 3Krung x Sony Alpha Camp Camp, show photos from new generation students

Sony Thai Company Limited Hold your hands Photo training center from three cities Open a photo exhibition 3 Round x University camp Sony Alpha 2018 (Sam Kroung Project and Sony Alpha 2018 University camp) Bring pictures of students and advisors from 14 universities involved in the project. The prize awarded to the winner of the photography contest in each category The goal is to be a platform to show the potential of Thai youth to be widely known. It also encourages and inspires photographers. Inclusion of those interested in photography can be used as a guide for creating works and exchanging knowledge on photography During the exhibition involving students and consultants participating in the 3Krung x Sony Alpha University 2018 project, is open for viewing from 3 February 2019 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Patuman, Bangkok

Masaki Matsumay Managing Director of Sony Thai Co., Ltd. revealed that "Over 5 months of intensive workshops have exposed over 60 works today It has been shown that students and teachers from educational institutions 14 Nationwide Who have joined the 3Krung project x And the extraordinary creativity in photography is admirable. purpose of this project Designed to provide opportunities for young people who study in higher education and interested in photography I have learned and discovered new experiences You have the opportunity to show works that are transmitted through creativity And with venience their inspiration Are you ready to develop the potential and willingness to become a professional photographer.

Throughout the 5-month activity the participants have the opportunity to study. Practice intensive photographic skills from qualified professional photographers in various fields. The finalists must submit the competition at the last stage To select the winner of the competition from the three types of photo competition to be reviewed by the Qualified Commission according to the criteria To be completed With the following details

Street photo type

The winning prize is Pat Viravat from the University of Assumption. They received the Sony A7 II Kit prize of 43,990 baht with the book The Base of Siam, the second second, Sukrit Chitantusit from Rangsit University, received a Sony RX100 IV camera worth 26,990 baht with Muang Krung Muang Tep picture book and the second runner- : Nathpol Massa from the University of Rangsit, which receives the 5,490-plus Battle of the SONY Extra Bass, including the Sukho + Tai painting books and three awards, namely Siwapu Miyamazaki from the Assumption of the University, Nathahawachiracakarne of the University of Silkacorn and Panuopang Nitticity from the Shriptut University m "He will receive the book of King Rama IX in his heart

Category "Landscape and Travel"

Award winner is Jirawat Tantpraset from Chiang Mai University. Received the prize as a 43 990 baht with the SONY A7 II Kit, the Siam Foundation, the second place, the Sukrit Bhuddit Dusit, the University of Rangits. Kung Muang Tep and the second runner-up: Sivaphum Yamazaki from Assumption University receive SONY Extra Bass speakers worth 5,490 baht, including Sukho + Tai painting books and 3 honorary awards. Kusuphicha Sa Kaeo from Bangkok University, Phat Wirawat from the University of Assumption and Nopphachol Kongsomchitt from King Mongkut Ladkrabang Technology Institute He will receive the book of King Rama IX in his heart

Creative type

The winning prize is Sirin Muangman of Chiang Mai University. He received the Sony A7 II Kit prize of 43,990 baht with the book The Base of Siam, the first second being Theerasil Suddee of the King Mongkut Technology Institute, which received a 24,990-pound photo album Sony RX0. Muang Krung Muang Thep and the second runner-up: Natchariya Thongchai from Burapha University, receive the 5,490-pound SONY Extra Bass with Sukho + Tai paintings and honorable prizes. There are 3 awards, namely Panupong Nithikittikul from Sripatum University, Suthasinee Kongjiamiri from the Assumption University and Primrata Siripong from Thammasat University. He will receive the book of King Rama IX in his heart

For each type of winner of the contest In addition to receiving products from Sony They will receive trophies of honor And photo works for all participants in the project Will be exhibited in 3Krung x photo exhibition Sony Alpha University Camp 2018, which will be exhibited at the Bangkok Center for art and culture, Patuman, Bangkok between today and February 3, 2019.

Miss Lileyapienne Marketing Manager, Digital Imaging Division, Sony Thai Co., Ltd. "This project is a project Sony intends to play because Sony is aware of the fact that it is strengthening itself to be the leader of the camera in the Thai market and the global market Therefore, all of them have different responsibilities at the same time, so Sony is striving to develop the photographic industry at every level, whether it supports a project at a professional level Stimulating the market, including the development of photography through many activities for each group of clients

This time, the goal is to create a new generation of photographers This future will be a national team Or in the future an important force for the Thai photographic industry Sony has prepared a Sony Full Frame Mirrorless camera for a new standard of photography. This will help develop the work of the children and the members of the faculty during the camp Including the full experience of using the Sony Full Frame Mirrorless, including the Sony A9, the state-of-the-art 20-frame camera speed camera, the A7RM3 camera from 42 million that violates the limitations of photography And is the most trusted pro camera

With the G Master Lens line, which is ideal for all students who have joined the project to show their creative power through photos without limitation on the performance of camera equipment during the event, road shows and circles. of the students who have completed the final seminar, they can see the potential that lies in their ability to present their ideas. Excellent image quality And we believe that if students get a good promotion Will grow as staff Including helping to further strengthen the photographic industry. "

On the side Mr. Bunthachai Chaiwiruncharoen Director of the Center for Photography Education of the Three Cities Mentions this collaboration with Sony Sam Krung is very pleased to be part of this project. Because it helps to develop and jointly promote a new generation of photographers with a passion for photography. There is a place to express creativity and develop photographic skills. Apply for a job and become a professional During the 5 months of the project the center has provided knowledge And the introduction of photography to the students before presenting their work in the process of selection for representation in the educational institutions for participation in activities We have shown interest. And the work of the younger generation, which is considered to be of very high quality Moreover, reflects the creativity and the potential of photography I believe that if this group of young people gets support for good activities It will continue to be able to help become an important a person in the photographic industry.

3Krung x Photo exhibition Sony Alpha Camp 2018 is open to interested visitors to see creative ideas that surrender to the work of new photographers from 14 schools in the National Art and Culture Center in Bangkok, Patuman, Bangkok on the wall. The Curve Floor Exhibition 3 and 4 from today until February 3, 2019 this year

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