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Tae-Phongsakorn Pluem Chin Cheer – Thikhamporn 3 years without decay

February 13 on terrain, 1st floor, Central Plaza Ladprao Ta-Phongsakorn Metta Rikanon The Dark Hero gave an interview with the opening event "The Big Wig 3" of the fanclub Jin and the senior heroine. "Cheer-Tikamporn" There is not much work in the rest of the room. Are you ready to announce a status to get Valentine

Undoubted - Pongsakorn
Join the event

Lately, there are news about cutting nets. -Cheer-Tikampon "People can go wrong when we go to networks personally?
– Actually it was the fan club image. It is considered a good story better We have not joined yet So he could not help, so he went out to cut it off. No matter what you do, it will be cropped in the same image. That's his happiness.

But we have always seen, right?
– Look Forever Because he's always tagged in AIG.

Can not he go back to work?
– Yes, I just went to work together recently. To make Ku Kuew Hospital fans are really big. They can not be seen for years Do not work together "

Do you have the opportunity to work together?
– I have to wait better (laughs). Wait for the adult to approve it. Ask if there is any discussion. Wait, you better. But believe there must be a chance. You have to go Play for an indefinite time. "

When we see the current stream And how do people look?
– Thanks to him better Because he is hard Continue 3 years of the drama "Cupid of Hiding and Love" I just sent a three-year greeting clip with thanks to all the fans. People who are still strong That is a very large group, not a small one, it is very strong. "

The cheering fan club is still strong, is not it?
"I firmly If there is a close event

And how do we care about our home fans? Because long time there was no work together?
I must first admire his fans. He is a very organized person when he is not comfortable, he is good. If we give him full time at any time, he'll be in order to shoot. No vanity, nothing thought of his attractiveness And as such a mess, I believe it will last a long time.

Before we are afraid? When there is no work together Then will the stream disappear?
– No, the fans, he always caught Gin Wherever I go, I go to this event to appear at the same event. "

Then there are people who are disappointed, cut off with us, when will it be a girlfriend?
"He does not know. This is also not known. Both I and Cheer Intimacy are still the same. As brothers and sisters, he is a senior, sweet actor. And then I have the ability The period I did not meet was still normal. If there is an opportunity to meet, talk Because, when we are busy, we are not talking. When I and I welcomed, everyone worked. When you have the opportunity to meet, it's like a common actor. To the place where we met, I greet normally "

Like a stream that has gin and joy until it is very controversial?
"That's his right to enter Jin.

Fans love to know real life May not be a fan But loving our partner?
"Named a wonderful moment Together he had seen my attractiveness and cheers And all the fans You look so sweet you have better happiness"

Does that mean he really loves that kind of boyfriend?
– Let's just be in the same frame, he's happy.

No chance to develop at all?
– Be brothers and sisters.

And we are already talking about people?
– No no.

Previously, when I saw a girl talking?
"Single forget that it was celibacy. Single for a while I really do not like the media.

The reason why?
– Let's be a better personal question.

Is it the wound of the heart?
"Then it will pass." The best thing happened. We need to respond to this

Can you close your heart or rest your heart first?
– Not closed We work hard. It was not blocking anyone to come in. We just did not look. Striving to fill this up If it comes, if it is yes, it is, yes, if it is not, it is not.

Is there a girl in Madame?
– No, because everyone thinks I have someone to talk to.

Now it's clear. Announcement to recruit girls?
"Do not be indifferent, it's normal, not just a headache in your head.

Thanks to AIG photos. : Toey_pongsakorn cheerny14

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