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Thai Astronomical Society Clear the asteroid 2006 QQ 23 will not hit the world


Asteroid Statement 2006 QQ23 from the Thai Astronomical Society

According to news that on August 10, 2019, there will be an asteroid named 2006 QQ23 (2006 QQ23), which is approaching the world that can hit the world. Stating that this asteroid is a large asteroid The width is greater than the height of the Empire State Building. If the world collapses, it will cause damage until the country is destroyed. Causes great panic

The Thai Astronomical Society would like to briefly explain this. Asteroid 2006 QQ 23 will not hit the world and will not harm the world on August 10th.

Facts About Asteroids And Asteroids 2006 QQ 23

– What is an asteroid?
Asteroids are objects in the solar system. A type of solid rock that is several meters up But less than the planet's level The largest asteroid is 500 km away.

How many planets are there?
Astronomers have discovered no more than two hundred thousand asteroids. Mostly in orbit between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter

Is the asteroid dangerous to the world?
The fact that most asteroids have an orbit between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter, which is far from Earth. Therefore, there is no effect on the world, only some parts of the planet have similar orbits or intersect with the Earth's orbit.
The number of asteroids near Earth Some of the stars are large at a dangerous level if they hit the world. And it has an orbit near Earth's orbit closer to 0.05 astronomical units (19.5 times the distance between Earth and the moon). The asteroids in this group will be classified as the more dangerous the planet (potentially dangerous asteroid), the more dangerous the planet is at least 1600 stars.

Asteroid 2006 QQ 23 How dangerous is it?
Asteroid 2006 QQ 23 has a diameter of about 180-570 meters and has a chance of entering the world with more than 0.05 astronomical units. Therefore, classified as a more dangerous asteroid This asteroid, if collided with the real world, will cause a wide range of damage. But by calculating the orbit of the asteroid by astronomers Clearly shows this This asteroid will not hit Earth on August 10, 2019 for sure. Approaching the world at a distance of 7.5 million kilometers at 14:22 Thai time

This orbital calculation is likely to be incorrect. And did the 2006 QQ 23 asteroid really hit the world on the 10th?


What are the objects that will direct the world in the near future?
At that time, no large objects were found to hit the world. But not being found does not mean that there is none Because there may be some stars that we have not yet found that are heading for the world. So astronomers are still watching the sky every night to find unknown objects that can to endanger the world in the future. And he's looking for ways to handle it

If the asteroid 2006 QQ 23 does not pose a real danger So why is NASA warning?
NASA has always said that Will there be asteroids coming in and out of the world? This asteroid is extremely large. That is why NASA emphasized that this case is a little more special than usual, explaining that this great object, if a collision in the real world would cause some level of damage. This is to make people aware of the threat of this type of sky that is likely to occur. But he did not say that the 2006 QQ 23 asteroid will hit the world on August 10
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