Monday , January 24 2022

Thai girl disappears Maldives Mystery 7 days Hot sister found the latest post before losing touch


(13 August 62) A Facebook member of "Jureerat Krongtanin" has published a search for a sister who has disappeared in the Maldives. Saying that her sister's name is Ms. Huntanuan Congtanin (Ms. Contauan Crotannin), a nickname, gift or rice, 30, traveling to work in the Maldives But with a tourist visa Which can live in the Maldives for a period of 30 days, traveling with Air Asia on 20 July 62 and scheduled to return on 10 August 62 from Air Asia also

Details of the job, what type of job or accommodation information The nurse is quite unclear. I would not give much details Connecting each time the nurse to work in each country can only connect to 2 channels, ie. Line and Facbook, who have been in contact since August 6, 62 at approximately 5 pm (Thai time), which, before disappearing, was posted on Facebook with a status of "What to do about it?" The family did not know why has been published.

What is the last situation the Sri Lankan Embassy was informed of in the initial review Finally, the Sri Lankan Embassy sent an email responding They checked with the Maldives Police But did not find the name arrested or detained The next step is the Sri Lanka Embassy will help to re-coordinate with the Maldives Hospital. Lastly, every day people disappear with the Police Station at their place of residence. Tomorrow, on August 14, 62, they will coordinate with the Embassy of Thailand. To help continue

If a clue is found that is helpful in locating the missing person, please let us know at 080-0969399 or say a message via ID Line: puii06 or Email: [email protected]

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