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Thailand Medical Association Launches "Warm Love, Peace, Bipolar Healthy Mind, Happy Life" project

The Thai Medical Association Launches the "Bipolar Love Healthy Mind, Happy Life" Project. About 10-15 percent experience mental health problems.
But only 1% to see a doctor. In Thailand, there are patients with mood disorders or medical disorders. "Bipolar" counts hundreds of thousands of people, according to a recent report from the Department of Mental Health in Thailand. And the 2016 medical and health information archive of the Department of Public Health found that there were 32,502 cases of bipolar patients out of 712,359 psychiatric patients, many of whom were still unaware of their illness or dared to see a doctor. If you are not treated, this can cause more severe symptoms, because it is not a symptom of the disease and if left harmless can endanger the patient himself. Close and social people.

Because patients often use violence in their families, they sometimes come from some extreme emotions, including suicidal ideas. Prof. Dr. Ronnachai Kongbarn, President of the Royal Thai Society under the protection of His Majesty Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, said, "As a medical practitioner, the Thai Association has realized and campaigned to educate people about the causes of suicide." Psychiatric illness "is one of seven diseases The Medical Association. It has been operating under "A Peace Project in the Medical Association" for this year, Bipolar, psychiatric disorders, have been raised in the community to make it better known. The Thai Medical Association "Happy Life, Bipolar Healthy Mind, Happy Life" will be launched for creating positive synergies for patients and families, as well as to reflect the views and experiences of patients and their families. The aim of this study is to find out the effects of Bipolar Patients. In addition, patients with psychiatric disorders will be more likely to have a place in the community. " focus on correct understanding through roaming activities. Knowledge of Bipolar Disorder in Bangkok and the province to help people observe the behavior of close people. This is a disease that can be treated and can live in harmony with people in the community, who are encouraged by family and peers, and are recognized by society as the most important. "Help. Dr. Chawan Charnsilp, President of the Thai Psychiatric Association, discusses the causes of bipolar disorder. There are many factors involved in genetic, environmental or genetic care in families where parents with this disease will have a higher risk of Bipolar than others, but that it does not mean that it is all. Include care if the child causes stress. It can be adjusted to be more susceptible to disease. The environment is an important cause of change in the brain, which causes emotional control. Bipolar patients show very different mood disorders. During this depression period, symptoms can be severe for up to 2 weeks – 1 month, look at yourself negatively, and have suicidal thoughts in pleasant, pleasant, unusual, long, close, 2 weeks – 1 month periods too. very happy, better than usual Bustier with more confidence self-restraint if prohibited or obstructed by what irritates irritants.

In severe cases, there may be asthma, asthma, or other special abilities. The actor, Khun Muay-Supaporn Sithipasilp, said in his opening speech, "Warm Love, Peace, Healthy Bipolar Mind, Happy Life" which "people around us don't understand. I think it's crazy. I don't know how to control it. Usually , we might be angry at level 5, but if people with this disease are angry at level 100. This box tries to control emotions, but it can't be done because bipolar disease caused by chemicals in the brain is not the same. unpredictable, and potentially life-threatening, Potassium has been brought to the ICU, in the past, there was a bipolar disorder. Fireworks But if something stopped, it would fall to the point of suicide. I felt that I couldn't handle this better than having life good now. New illness. There are no fans and people around who encourage me to be fine. Going to the top of the page Life isn't like it used to be. It's important for fans and people around them to make a good life. I am very good at understanding the world. "

And another direct experience from "DJ Kendo – Kriangkrai Matapong Sunthorn as a patient with bipolar disorder to share triggers sick people or people who have this disease if treated properly. I can cure normal life offline During my illness, Mania has symptoms that think that he can think of himself as a magician.This is a symptom of this disease to see yourself having magical powers, will gradually rise, because I am very good, start having magical powers to think of themselves, fly on a plane to the tower and then jumping because I thought I was flying because the brain ordered that behavior.On the aggressive side, I had come to the front lines of guests and coworkers with harsh words and rudeness. And when they entered depression, they began to feel like they didn't want to do what I don't sleep, I want to stay in bed, I don't Gin works, cries, goes to work, I can sing.

To hurt ourselves We are all overwhelmed by illness When we know it is not enough to cure it, it will cause physical and mental damage to themselves and their families. I want to be a voice to understand that bipolar patients are not crazy, not psychotic, but are classified as a group of emotional diseases that can be cured by drugs and psychotherapy. I will always say to find a psychiatrist is not scary at all, to find a psychiatrist, that is very good when we consult, we will cut off emotional thoughts, we will be more aware. "Rongchai Kongbarn, president of the Thai Association, said." Creating a social understanding of psychiatry is something we all need to help. This disease can be treated if monitored and treated properly. At the same time, it can be repeated up to a percentage. 80-90, with many triggers such as accidents.

Unexpected events in life. Stress disorders, as well as substance abuse. Therefore, ongoing care is the most important. Relatives, patients and the community need to have knowledge and understanding of the disease and treatment. Patients must follow a strict treatment plan when relatives and people are close to the patient. Including avoiding triggers. Encourage and communicate well in the family. The community must understand. Give opportunities and reduce prejudice. Psychiatric and bipolar patients are no different from those who can be treated, which will help them to recover and live happily like most people. "

Therefore, to treat bipolar mood disorders effectively, patients and families must be educated. The nature of the disease, risk factors, methods of treatment, prevention of recurrence. Dealing with stress, dealing with problems in life, and promoting quality communication in the family. The "Happy Love, Happy Life" project will be held in 3 target provinces including Lamphun
Udon Thani and Songkhla to understand psychiatric disorders and support patients in the area as well as family networks of patients in dealing with psychiatric illnesses for the welfare of life and society. "Happy Love, Happy Life" project on Facebook Fan Pages

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