Monday , January 18 2021

The Alienware Experience Store is open today at Central World –

Dell Thailand Hold your hands JIB Computer Group Co., Ltd. The leading IT provider in the country is open. Alienware Experience Store The only place in Thailand on the 4th floor, Central World The store features full gaming devices including desktops, monitors and gaming accessories packed with premium brands such as Alienware as well as Dell G Series Game Laptops. The high price anyone can own

"The updated Alienware Experience Store today is part of our policy and strategy that wants to demonstrate readiness. And the fullness of the gaming solution that is ready for our customers to experience the drive's performance and performance, as well as Alienware and Dell gaming devices directly. " Mr. Anota Bethkhorn Executive Vice President of Dell, EMC Emerging Markets Asia and South Asian Consumer Business said it was a problem

"Not only for the convenience of professional gamers And common players in choosing to buy modern gaming equipment We also intend this Alienware store to support the needs of various professional workgroups." Whether it is a designer Graphic creator or other high performance search engine come to try to experience the work of Alienware directly, while at the same time this area is divided into zones for experience like the VR area that offers a truly immersive experience in virtual reality. "

The Alienware Experience Store is divided into 5 zones:

  1. VR Real Experience For the immersive experience that will immerse players in the world of virtual reality.
  2. Timely electronic sports Zone that allows gamers or athletes to show off their skills Show skill with popular games such as FIFA LOL DOTA2 Classic
  3. Extreme performances of masterpiece The area that highlights Alienware's high performance through various graphing programs. For a group of professional people to test and test the strength of the machine for use
  4. Alienware Sound Station Assistance Area for the Entertainment Machine This shows both the sound quality and the quality of the light from AlienFX Lighting
  5. Alienware Command Center Zone to adjust the effects of the device. To meet the needs and identity of each individual customer

The Alienware Experience store is now open on the 4th floor of CentralWorld from 10:00 to 22:00.

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