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The big taxi driver pulled the mother out of the house, smoked, dipped, revealed that the couple had just sent a line to find her sister.



The big boy was driving a cab, taking his mother to the bed outside the house, smoking. If anything, get the mother to live. The daughter came in shock.

smoked On August 10, Lieutenant General of Police Sophfot Subwunsakorn, Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Lam Luk Ka Police Station, Patum Thani Province received the death of a smoker in a taxi. On the grassy field at the end of the village, Bueng Lam Luk Ka sub-district, Lam Luk Ka district, Pathum Thani province

A green-yellow cab was found at the scene. Parked on the edge of a country road Inside the car, they found Mr A's body (fictitious name) at the age of 50 at the driver's seat and found Mrs B's body (alleged name) at age 71. The condition lies in the back seat. to the driver. There is a blanket covering the body. The examination did not reveal any injuries or marks in the body of the two men using a black bag to close the glass around the car. The device used for smoking is also installed.

Lieutenant General Somfoch revealed that in the middle of last night, Miss C (a fictitious name), at the age of 20, had been briefed to help him find a taxi. Because Mr. A, who is Miss K.'s father, driving with her grandmother, Mrs. B., and still cannot be found. Because Miss Aunt's previous aunt called to say that Mr. A drove her to the place where she disappeared. Leaving mobile phones and documents and aunt still sends a message that if there is any problem, contact your loved ones that Chiang Saen can help

Lieutenant General Somfoch continued that Mrs. S. had gone to stay with her friend in Don Mueang. After hearing the news Because the grandmother is paralyzed patient They cannot help So together with the fans we can find In the village and nearby, but they were not found, so they came to report to the police to help with the tracking. He feared the incident would not be better because Mr A sent a message to his sister that she was worried about her mother. If anything, she would take her mother too. And I realized that before he was kicked out, Mr A had bought beer to sit and eat, which Mr A did not usually drink beer for a long time

"Then Mrs. S. and his girlfriend went out to find a taxi to stop. And the 4 locks on both sides as well as the top in the mirror. Miss S.'s fans decided to break the car and then smoke. They even found that they both died. The employee initially sent the dead body for an autopsy. To find the real cause Before coordinating your relatives to come back to continue doing charity in the traditional way, "said Dr. Somfoch.

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