Tuesday , July 27 2021

The Central World Opens Christmas Lights 4 Million Swarovski Swarovski Crystal

Dr. Eva Hermann, Ambassador of Austria and Emerald Rickle
Central Pattana Public Company Limited held the Christmas tree opening ceremony in 2018. Illuminate Christmas Tree Celebration 2018 New Year to meet the New Year Create space in front of the central world as a land of happiness in the concept. The Happiness Happiness @centrawOrld Meet the iconic global brands Smiley (SMILEY) or "smiley face" is known all over the world to decorate the center.

The first and only peak in Thailand. Swarovski Christmas Merry-Go Round, the world's first Swarovski Christmas Digital Merry-Go Round, is the largest in the ASEAN region, 13 meters high, with 4 million Swarovski crystals. On November 15, 61-7, 62

Dr. Eva Hermann, Ambassador of Austria and Emerald Rickle
"Wrld of happiness shOw", a special show of Thai artist Da Endorphine presents unforgettable impression on Chalida Vijitwongthong, IIaa, Nutachauat Uatanananih, Pichakan Uongradanasil, Sirafan Uatanachinda, Wasilla Asavarinda, Pacharin Shrivutirom, Chandzhara Shanpitakhay, Tohanan Sri Thaksin, Peeraut Saenfrarat Lopez Lake City in support of Phenjati, Jirapha Laksanawisit, three fresh Asara doctor intriguing and Evita Yukon colleagues new. Al. Okay.

In addition to the special Swap Gift, Swarovski Christmas Merry-Go-Round is Christmas-inspired Christmas tale in the story With a unique Swarovski son. With a shiny silver ribbon. Equipped with more than 4 million Swarovski crystals, the player consists of 6 carousel, 2 deer and 2 sleighs, decorated with crystal pieces of over 55,000 pieces. 14 meters altitude 13 meters total weight 4.3 tons
Jarapa Laxanuiasi, Sam Sara Emad, Ratana Chirativat, Nalapalapol, MLAvatuk Yuk and Sarapak Fanchart.
Free Delivery from Swarovski Christmas Merry-Go-Round It will be donated to four charity foundations: Mirror Foundation Foundation for Disabled Children Mui Mui Foundation for Stray Children and Rangsit Everyone is happy at this festive and joyful event.

Mint - Halida
An 18 meter long gate, decorated with LED lights.
Smiley Caravan, Deer and Santa Claus
Winx Coloring

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