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The Disease Control Department recommends using condoms Hold Valentine's Sex

The Disease Control Department recommends using condoms Hold Valentine's Sex

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The Disease Control Department recommends that teenagers wear a Valentine's Condom. Reveals gonorrhea, syphilis is high in school-age patients Both places for fun, curtains and parks Reminding us to use the day of love according to the right goal While the study of the Department of Commerce discovers roses, prices are rising 6 times but some buyers react quickly in advance.

Every Valentine's Day Everything Related Questions should be issued to warn children and adolescents to be careful about mixing and premature sex. It is worth noting that the Thai society is currently celebrating the holiday of love in the right direction. On February 13, Dr. Suvanahtyat Watanayinchoronachai, Director of Disease Control (Cor.), Said that Valentine's Day Or Love's Day, many people choose to buy things instead of hearts to show love While teenagers can decide to Doing a Disease The Department of Disease Control invites the public to protect each time before sex. Due to the increasing tendency of gonorrhea and syphilis, both are important risk factors for HIV infection. In the fiscal 2013-2017, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases increased from 18.9 to 28.8 per cent. Gonorrhea is the disease with the highest incidence, rising from 10.5 to 15.8 per cent. A syphilis increases from 3.5 to 7.6 per cent. What population with a report on sexually transmitted diseases in 2017 is most common in the 15-24 age group, mostly in school age groups Reproductive Age What is reflection that shows unprotected sexual contact

Dr. Svanchaqi said this On Valentine's Day or the Holiday of Love this year, she invites all people to prevent sexually transmitted diseases according to the SEX concept, carefully respond to OK by focusing on 4 important points as follows: 1. No you are willing to say No when you are good. careless 3. Use a condom every time there is sex and 4. Use a condom to take responsibility for yourself and your partners. In addition, there are 4 Valentine Advocates: 1. Avoid being alone. Or not in a situation that will lead to dangerous sex 2. dares to reject when not ready to have sex Or risking dangerous sex 3. Always wear condoms Use correctly and 4. use condoms every time they have sex

Regarding the National Police Service, Krisana Patanaharoen, deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police, said that Major General Chactipa Chaidanda, the commander, Enhanced Measures to Prevent and Eliminate Crime and Security in the Life and Property of People on the Day of Lovers By providing police officers inside and outside the uniform to actively inspect Strictly Sensitive to sensitive areas that can cause crimes and sexual threats including services, entertainment, hotels, motels, parks, facilities for communication or youth gatherings. Also organize a set of inspection lines to identify illegal alcohol search and discovery points If found guilty, follow the law strictly.

Valentine's day Or the day of love This is the day when people around the world value Which is celebrated in many countries In the expression of love Or good wishes So the campaign for people expressing their love for treatment Thai tradition To keep the spirit of this important Day And Want Collaboration From Parents Parents And Teachers Training To Alert And Children. "

This was announced by the Department of Commerce From a study of the commercial atmosphere of the roses during Valentine's Day, this year many opened areas began to return to life. The roses on February 13-14 rose from the usual 5-6 times in support of demand for products. From an inquiry at the florist's shop in Pak Khlong Talat District found this Price of 1 rose (50 flowers) in the normal range of 80-100 baht, but the average selling price during the Festival of Valentines is 500-600 baht, whose red flowers are the – expensive. The rose is a beautiful bouquet. The cost of the week before the average is 350-700 baht per bouquet, depending on the size of the bouquet But they have adjusted to 700-1,400 baht for the bouquet, plus many colorful shops Customers have booked a bouquet of roses from the previous week and have come to take Valentine's Day to ensure that the flowers are absolutely beautiful.

Lieutenant-General Kongthong Tantrawanich The defense ministry spokesman said General Staff Vonutan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, called on police and administrative departments in each province. Together to observe and care for the safety of people in all areas During Valentine's Day It's a celebration of love By emphasizing increased rigor Reducing entertainment and services This can be a source of children and youth Preventing misleading Preventing undesirable events, all civil servants are required. Together, to create an understanding and request for cooperation in each family. Be careful and take care of young children within the framework of good manners.

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