Sunday , July 25 2021

The dollar moves in a narrow frame. The market follows the statement of the Fed President for the National Congress

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Foreign Exchange Department Bangkok Bank It is reported that the currency market movement on Monday 25 February 2019, the value of the baht, opened the market this morning (25/2) at the level of 31.30 / 32 baht / USD. Rising from the closing level on Friday (22/2) at the level of 31.34 / 35 baht / USD China's spokesman said China's trade talks with the United States have made significant progress on a number of issues as high-ranking officials from both countries have joined the trade and economic negotiations in Washington. President Donald Trump has announced in Twitter that the United States will postpone the increase in import tariffs from China. Initially, it had to enter into force on March 1st, after the US-Chinese trade talks made progress on important issues. This includes issues related to the protection of intellectual property

For internal factors, the Permanent Secretary of the Treasury said that since the Federal Reserve (Fed) sent a signal to delay interest rate hikes this year, it would be beneficial for international trade that would allow Thai exports to be sold The United States can be without many obstacles. While Thailand's policy is 1.75%, it will probably remain at a level that will ease the expansion of the Thai economy. And I believe the MPC will decide to keep interest rates until the end of the year. BAT was in the range of 31.28-31.32 baht / US dollars. Before closing the market at 31.28 / 31.29 baht / dollar

For the euro today (25/2) the euro opens at 1.1345 / 47 USD / Euro. Valuing from Friday's (22/2) market closure at $ 1.1337 / 41 USD / Euro, British Prime Minister Teresa May Delayed the vote to approve the withdrawal of England from the European Union on March 12, discussed 17 days before the official withdrawal of the European Union This leads to more tense situations Because there are members of the board who try to avoid Brexit without consent This day, during the day, the euro moves within the framework of them 1.1325 to 1.1359 US dollar / euro and closed the market at the level from 1.1347 / 49 USD / Euro

For the movement of the yen today (25/2), the market opened at 110.76 / 78 yen / US dollars. Appreciating the market closure on Friday (22/2) at the level of 1110.88 / 90 yen / US dollars, Koichi Hamada, economic advisor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, said the Bank of Japan (BOJ) inflation rate of 2% or stop efforts to achieve the goal as soon as the labor market is narrow enough The yen value ranges between 110.59 to 110.85 Jena / US dollar and closed the market at a level of 110.67 / 70 yen / dollar

The US economic indicators this week include the National Economic Index in January from the Chicago Federation (25/2), consumer confidence in February by the Conference Council (26/2), sectoral procurement. Factory December (27/2) Weekly Claims for Unemployed (28/2) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 4th Quarter 2018 (28/2) PMI Index Chicago, February (28/2) Personal Consumption ) January (1/3) And personal expenses in January (1/3) index of production activity. February by the American Institute for Management of Supply (ISM) (1/3) Consumer Confidence Month February from Michigan University (1/3)

For a 1-month morning swap point in the country at -1.9 / -1.85 satang / US dollars A hedging rate of 1-month morning is -0.6 / -0.3 satang / USD.

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