Wednesday , June 16 2021

The first fans! Sara – Em said at age 15 that she grew up together while she was married.

Robbie Red Girl Sara Lek and M. Suebsakul Talking together to open the heart of Mr. Lert's Grand House Park after a wedding ceremony in Thailand yesterday (January 25th). And before they started work, both of them revealed the following feelings: I was shy because I first interviewed a 15-year-old couple who was discovered all together. Excited to use the word "husband-wife" is not used, but happy, shy. I do not think I'm excited about it. Focusing on family members, close friends who have always seen the way of love, understand, cry much. It's very happy tears

The future plan is already planned, the house has been bought since last year and works as usual. Registration of the marriage on 9 February because it was the first day when the groom wanted to have a child waiting for Sarah 15 years ago. As for Sara, who wants time to create a year, the promise has always been encouraging, always implying good things, no matter how controversial they are. Every problem is a familiar challenge. Open mind, find out all the problems, learn and grow This is how it is done today

A honeymoon is already there, but when the event is over, I want to relax. Can go to work first and go together The diamond ring of the bride is said to be a good size. He also proudly watched the bride very well at work. There is no wedding Do it yourself Everybody happy in every shot It's a job that is the true identity of two people Moment of remembrance

M. Recall the distraught moment Tell me unfortunately and learn. Meanwhile Sarah is 20-21 years old, 24-25 years old. Depends on how ready He then grew up together Finally came to get married Before M was transferred to Singapore But he returned to Thailand Due to the necessity of planning the marriage But during that time he went back and forth without missing much. The distance does not change love.

M. Thank you Sarah I prefer not to be your girlfriend together. Be the first of the other Thank you for coming to make your own world and Sarah all good. Sara (shy) told me to get together Very happy to meet M. I spent the rest of my life I met this guy Thank you very much for your cares. There are many things to prove.

Sarah - M. married
Sarah – M. married

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