Monday , September 26 2022

The first part of the game.


Department 1 police, press conference arrested drug suspects and amphetamine 150, 3 hundred thousand tablets after the extension of the investigation will have drug gangs from the North to send amphetamines at the Mall in Pathum Thani.

At 8:00 a.m. on 8 November 61, Maj. Gen. Ampol Buaedporn, 1. Major General, Amnat Charoencharoen, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Pol.Maj.Gen. 1 Major Chayanont Minded Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Defense 1 Pol. The 1. Col. 1 Pridaya Kongklao, 3. Lecture # 1, together with a press conference, arrested Mr. Sunthorn Pajj. He was 49 years old (he did not bring the accused to the press conference) of the villagers on Moo 1, Mae Yai, Muang Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai

150 Meter Medley 300 thousand pickup tablets Mitsubishi brand Star-model black-gray registration number 9310 Chiang Rai 1 drug truck 1 cellphone allegedly Category 1 drug sold and illegal. Arrested in the Central Central car park. Muang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai Chiang Rai

Police said the arrest was due to the arrest of police detained by Mr. Chayakorn or 24,000 amphetamine tablets on the 27th. April 61, and investigated the results of catching drug tissue from Mr. Acha and Mr. Boo, A. Mae Chan, Chiang Rai. The police investigated Part 1 of the medicine from Mr. Sunthorn Pajjtang has arranged to send medicines in Lotus, Pathum Thani, but cannot be sent later on November 7, 61. Sunthorn has contacted drug delivery in Central Park. Chiang Rai

During the appointment, Mr. Sunthorn went to the police station to disguise himself as an addict to discuss the matter. Soonthorn noted that narcotics were hidden in the Mitsubishi brand pickup truck, Starida Sida. – 9310 Chiang Rai registration number gray and taken to see drugs. When investigated, it was found that the drug was actually a signal that the ambush troops arrested Mr. Sunthorn. Before investigation.

Mr. Sunthorn confessed that he was a narcotics dealer, Mr. Aha and Mr. Boo has the responsibility to bring the drug to customers. Will be sent in various places throughout the country. But this time it didn't last. The police were arrested. Investigate and then send. I don't think so.

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