Sunday , July 3 2022

The OIC has come up with 8 measures to help Baba revive, fooling her son to pull 1.4 million in insurance.


OIC issued 8 grandmother help measures, Songkhla Deceived to withdraw money from insurance company 1.4 million baht. If you are wrong, immediately revoke the license.

Dr Suttipol Taweechai, Secretary General of the Insurance and Business Development and Promotion Commission (OIC), revealed that if she returned Kanchanaburi Mani, aged 88, or the grandmother revived the villagers in Nam Noi sub-district, Hat district Yai, Songkhla Province Police officer, Hat Yai police station, Songhla province, on July 19, 2019, pursues a son on a charge of burglary To open an account and withdraw money until she is paid 1.4 million baht, which she recovered from the beneficiaries of life insurance policies, which were made three p the deceased daughter. Which appeared as news through various media

>> "Grandma revives". If you do, you probably won't. After a son, the insurance agent misappropriated 1.4 million claims

The OIC is closely monitoring this problem. Seeing that this problem is affecting people's confidence in the insurance system, he therefore called the appropriate employment department to arrange an emergency meeting to review actions related to the powers and obligations of the OIC to assist victims. By dividing the measures into 8 emergency and long-term measures

The OIC also requests that the public be aware of how the life insurance agent's license is verified through the OIC's Insurance application, including a campaign for the insured person to request documents from the insurance company. Having paid the premium AND the Insurance Commission service to expedite the development of applications for insurance agents / brokers so you can check your training history Renewal of License Complaint History

Including License Expiry Notice To facilitate investigation of insurance intermediary information

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