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The Rabbit invaded Samut Sahon 3-0



On August 10, 62 Bunny BG Pathum United made the M-150 Championship 2019, the 25th game of the season, with a visit to Thai Union, FC Samut Sahon, the 13th team in the table. Sports in Samut Sahon Province, with this Coach Ong game, Dusit Chalerm Sayen, BGPU consultant, sent Irfan Fandi to play as a striker and Chatri Chimtalay to play a game for players like Surathat Sari. Wat Vira Laty, Daniel Garcia, Rodriguez and Chatchay Sin Fromm are on the pitch.

At the start of the first half, arriving in the 13th minute, BGEPU missed a goal from Totti's left pass to Surakhat Sari Pim to shoot in the penalty area. But still keep the goalkeeper safe. Then in the 26th minute, the Rabbit should have had the most goals since Krshlaprakul took the ball to the left before opening the door for Irfan Fanny to jump with the right ball. lamentable

In the 33rd minute, Thailand's defender Samutsukorn almost scored from a shot by Cristiano, but the ball went over the crossbar for a minute. 34 minutes into the match, Surakhat Sari managed to score a penalty. But the ball came out a minute later, Mattity opened for Surakhat Sari Pim to handle the pitch, but the ball bounced over the crossbar.

While in the 39th minute BGP came out aiming to get from Chow Wat Virahat's time to Irfan Fundy to catch one shot before firing. Is the door for the Rabbit Army to take the first half 1-0

Returning to play in the second half of the 53rd minute, BGP reached the second goal of the moment when Chowwat Wirachat paid Surahat Sari to shoot "The Rabbit" to escape 2-0. Coming in the 76th minute, the Rabbit reached the third goal of the moment when Krishlap collided on the left outside the front door for Irfan Fundy to shoot easily. 3-0

In the 77th minute BGPU changed the first player by sending Dharmutrut Bun to play for Chatri Chimtalay. Subsequently, in the 81st minute, BGP replaced the second player by sending Tanin Kiatlerttham. With Daniel Garcia Rodriguez in the 84th minute, BGPU replaced the last player by sending Jonathan Hess to play for Irfan Fundy.

With no more goals left before the game is over, BG Pathum United's Rabbit shows great form with defeat by Thailand's Samut Sakhon FC 3-0 to increase to 58 points by next time. BGPU will invade Ubon United in the M-150 Championship 2019 Saturday, August 17, 2019 at 7:00 pm at Ubon UHT Stadium.

List of the first 11 players:

Thai Union, Samut Sakhon FC: Sitikorn Kalamai (goalkeeper), Lee Won Young, Rabbi Nontaket (team leader), Supakit Nyemkong, Cristiano Silva, Bruno Dibal, Thanapol Udomphol, Thanakorn Vosanluek, Kittipom Nochant Phhat Chant

BGPU: Chatchai Butphrom (Goalkeeper), United Pong Suwan, Thotsaphon Chomchon, Irfan Fandy, Chowwat Wirachart, Chakkrit Laptrakul, Seiya Kojima, Daniel Garcia Rodriguez, Tessapong, Damarak, Surachat Sari Pim (Team Leader),

Referee: Jirawit Pornkaew
Referee Assistant 1: Pramote Bunin
Assistant Referee 2: Pakorn Ham Singh
Referee 4: Chaiyapol Surasur
Competition controller: You're right.
Assessor, Judge: Surasak, Hun Dilok Syrodom

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