Monday , January 24 2022

The Realme 5 Series will be unveiled on August 20 with a 4MP camera with a maximum resolution of 48MP.


After seeing the sample photo, rough for realme 5 The latest smartphone with 4 lenses is good to get started. realme 5 series Then it is August 20, 2019 in New Delhi, the capital of India

The poster was released from the famous online store website in Flipkart India along with a puzzle code along the way. Madhav Sheth The CEO of the company posts on his own Twitter as a number that "4+48+586+119"Which can be interpreted as a smartphone 4 Camera with resolution 48 Megapixel using Sony IMX sensor586 And comes with an ultra-wide lens 119 degree

In addition to the main lens and ultra-wide lens realme 5 There should be a close-up lens (Macro) and a depth sensor to focus on portrait photography

For other internal specifications it is expected to go into the mid-range specification with a focus on a more user-friendly price

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