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The Takian Luck Parade, the southernmost border, was interrupted. Don't have the courage to use it

Takian wood has been found to have been cast in the Yarang district, Patani province for more than 1 year. No one dares to use it. Used to cut a branch But find it good to bring it back People related to cutting Many people died. The lottery neck just knew the news of the parade of numbers.

On August 14, 6, in the area of ​​the Ban Chalong Irrigation Canal, Moo 5, Klong Mai Sub-District, Yarang District, Patani Province, located at the border between Patani-Yala, not far from Yala City. There are a number of villagers. ask for luck and respect Mae Takhian by faith. After I heard the news from people in the area that there was firewood that had fallen out for more than 1 year but still left the area near the irrigation canal. No one dares to use it. As for those who came to steal it, it must fall It must be returned to all There are also people involved in cutting the tree, Takian Dies too. Traces of the cut are currently being discovered. Placed in the same place for many pieces

Mr. Chatchay Kayev, 51, a farmer near the area and born in the area Let me tell you this In the past, this area was a canal and there were 5 trees in it. Later, the abbot of Khok Ya Kha Temple came from here to request cutting wood from the tree To bring the tree to renovate the temple by performing a superstition ceremony according to the faith, but it seems that the goddess Takian is not allowed. So they refused to cut the 5 trees on the Tians

"Later, Mr. Macking, the village chief of those days. I came again to ask for the ceremony and cut down some of the Tahitian trees. To bring the wood to make furniture, it looks like Kamnan is ill. It must be cut down by removing the wood close by." next to the cutting canal Currently, there is still a large Tianan tree diameter of about 1 meter in diameter, about 10 meters in length and close. And should be returned to the original 4-5 deaths, including many years ago Patani Irrigation Acquired Dredging Sources Make a Dam It looks like a backhoe forklift has cut down some of the Tahitian trees Died from drowning in the area. "

Mr. Reggio told me this about Hodabha, the goddess of Takiante, still alive. In the past, there were a hundred officers who set up a base in the village. Visited by Cho's fate. It can get two numbers every time and right every time. And there are Thai Buddhists who live near their home. He came to ask for a number from Tahian and was given away before doing business in Phuket for the villagers who worshiped May Takian. just to ask for a fortune. Which most of the number requests will be dusted and scratched back and forth Some people see the numbers clearly. Some saw three, two of the peasants' inquiries. He said it was considered 785, 640 or 764

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