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The young billionaire clarified the case of 100 million shares that accused Judge of defamation

The young billionaire clarified the case of 100 million shares that accused Judge of defamation

From the case on 11 February, Ms. Sukinda Ractracul, 43, and another 17 victims Lieutenant-General Criatinat Tulayakl, Police Doctor in Saladag To trace the case for cases of fraud to all victims After notifying the prosecutionMr. Chakrapan Prachuabom, 39, Executive Director of JP Motor Work Plc. Commercial business Second-hand motorcycles The total cost of damage from all 18 cases is approximately 10 million baht.

Specifying that together with JP Motor Work Plc. Because he saw that Mr. Chakrapan is a man with a family name He's a relative of politicians And a reliable person But when the shares are already bought, the total sum of them 100,000-7,000,000 baht, there is no return to the present until the beginning of the business. There are ad purchases on different channels. The partner will contact each other through the group. She did not see her face or had a date

The partner later quarreled. Causing the group to be deleted and unable to reconnect When he went to the house and the company seemed to have no people There are more than 70 people who are still not aware of the damage, worth more than 90 million baht, some groups gathered to sue the provincial court of Tallin Chan To continue with Mr. Chakrapan, accused of fraud, are waiting to hear the court's decision.

Last at 15.00 on February 13 at Saladhaeng Police Station. Mr. Chakrapan Prachuabom, 39, former JP Morocco executive director. Together with Mr. Somnuk Samaree, Director of JP Motor Work Plc. How to Meet Lieutenant-General Crititon Tulayakl, Doctor of Police in Saladag To clarify such cases
Mr. Chakrapan It reveals that JP MotorWorks PCL has been put into operation for about 6-7 years, and in the first 2-3 years the company's economy is quite good. Releases various television programs. Come to Invest in Shares There is also a board of companies that own such shares.

Mr. Chakrapan We added that when the company is advancing more and more, it has earned a profit for further expansion in the expansion of business. That's since the company's creation. He never talks about dividends. Or there will be dividends, and later the company is affected by the economy. Problems occur in the operation And he has problems with friends who are also shareholders So he decided to resign from his leadership position in 2016 but remained a consultant until February last year. He resigned from all positions. Who has the commission of Mr Somnuk Come to take care of yourself instead

Mr. Chakrapan He said that the review found that Those who report the most complaints are not individuals who buy shares directly with the company. But it is the purchase of shares by the person who owns the shares of the company Which is the right of the shareholders to sell shares For the issuance of a certificate of shares The company is a real person. But because shareholders want to leave, as agreed with other buyers, the Company can not know how the shareholders and other shareholders have agreed. But according to politics, there was no dividend

Mr. Chakrapan He said he consulted police officers at the Saladaeng Police Department and Por Por Police. Which is a joint investment when the loss is also a loss If it is found after every person has notified the complaint about themselves and about the company He will pursue "blasphemy" because it causes him to lose his reputation as well.

Mr Somnuk She said that for her part it's a new work gown It will cure the most But it has to be the victim who bought the shares directly from the company only If you buy from others He is not responsible for such parts.

For Mr Jacrapan This is the nephew of Mr Samphao Prachuab, the nine members of the Prachuckhrichrihan Parliament, who had been very successful in the past from an early age. Is Marketing Expert There are many types of businesses such as investors, stocks, sales of IT equipment, gas stations, franchisees, used motorcycles. Being able to create a position that has reached billions of levels There is a collection of cars with cars next to the nickname "Mr. Billion" or "The Little Wizard".

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