Saturday , May 21 2022

Today, August 11, 62, starting with the maximum protection limit of 5 million baht, next year to 1 million, covering depositors up to 99.65%


Started on August 11, 62, covering a maximum of 5 million baht per deposit of a financial institution. Until next year, the remaining 1 million, showing depositors coverage 99.65% higher than the International Deposit Protection Standard. Emphasize that the institution regularly reviews the relevant limits

Mr. Songfon Chivapanyaray, Director of the Deposit Protection Agency It has been revealed that from August 11, 62, depositors of financial institutions under the Law on the Deposit Protection Agency (commercial banks) 35 financial companies and credit funds companies will receive coverage no more than 5 million baht and will begin coverage of 1 million baht as of August 11, 63, according to a royal decree laying down the amount of deposits that are protected. Overall 2016

The Institute closely monitors the flow of deposits in the overall picture. And regularly review the coverage amount Which coverage limit, as required by law, is still appropriate As it covers at least 90 percent of depositors under the international deposit protection principle, as of March 31, 62 coverage is 10 million baht per deposit of financial institution There is a total of 99.83% of all depositors who are fully protected.

While the coverage is 5 million baht, the fully protected saver will be 99.65 percent, and when the coverage is 1 million baht, the fully protected saver will be 98.14 percent, is considered higher. Compared to the international standard for deposit protection

The institution has close cooperation with the Bank of Thailand Ministry of Finance and Financial Institutions under protection Prepare for public relations through various channels and provide information to depositors Including employees of the financial institution in both central and regional areas Education Create an understanding and build confidence among people continuously For those interested, please ask for information about deposit protection at the Deposit Protection Center, tel. 1158 and n. learn more about the website.

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