Saturday , May 21 2022

Trat Temple predicts shooting of Abbot of Wat Suvanfakdi Marnapa May come from personal issues – Thai Rath


  1. Trat Temple predicts the shooting of the abbot of Wat Suvanfakdi Marnapa May come from Thai Rath
  2. The shock of both Mother's Day temple and temple milk offering a gun to shoot the abbot to pray. The student lamented the fresh news.
  3. Shock, the abbot's temple is shot dead. As he sat in prayer before the disciples of the Sanuk temple
  4. The villain grabbed the weapon and shot the abbot as he made the morning chant | 12-08-62 | Tairat Tairat
  5. Stressing Sniper Abandoning the Abbot, not the King. Open the knot and find a childhood friend! Fresh news
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