Monday , January 25 2021

typhus The threat of death Mani Sakai of Kao's line

Tiffus Death threat

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Disclosure of "Burning" Man Sakai on Khao Phatthalung line Bill faces the threat of feverish fever for 1 month and 2 deaths and more than 24 cases Expected to be caused by food discharge Not moving to live as an ancestor

On January 27 reporters reported from Fattalung Province that In Briveana, on the edge of the forest, Khao Line wildlife reserve, Phatthalung district, Ban Lo Han area, Moo 7, Thung Nari suburb, Pa Bon district, Phudit Chanawanon, Pa Bon Sheriff With peasants and relatives of the Muni or Sakai ethnic groups living in Phatthalung Mountain Trang Satun Wildlife Reserve, they buried the old floating body or Mr. Loi Rak Pa Bon, 65 years old. Hurt with a typhoon And die as a second man After nearly a month sickness even doctors tried to save lives. But eventually he will be cured of such diseases Which earlier in the last 1 month Tyfuus Forcing 1 Manny to die, as a result of this month Two people have died

For the disease of Mani's disease or the common people known as the Sakai Group, there are also the local tribe Phatthalung, who live in a thousand wildlife reserve, Phatthalung Mountains, Moo 7, Thung Nari sub-region, Pa Bon area. The patient is continuously ill, currently 24 patients have been hospitalized and 2 hospitalized at Pa Bon Hospital by typhoid. This is a bacterial infection From wild insects that peasants call themselves Patients will have fever. And cough pain, risk of other complications

As for the cause of the sick They will probably come from non-migratory as before And stay a few months Because they wait to get only donated items from the villagers To worse Because of the food consumption in the city With too many toxins that do not have immunity Weak body Unlike 10-15 years ago

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