Tuesday , October 26 2021

Ubon, the farmer's singer, doesn't say the price. Order a total of 400 baht for salad


In the case of more expensive food news in many areas, a Facebook user named Nakorn Ubon Dance posted a photo of the Som Tam combination and 1 cup of rice noodles. "For the first time in my life consuming the most expensive papaya 440 salad, I cut my hair. When he told me the price before the price announcement, a client brought me a breeze. 2 sets of grilled meat. Money. Bugs dried pepper" makes people criticize Criticizes a price that is more expensive than usual

The reporter contacted Ms Suphansa (Nong Doll), Thaweesarn, 28, an indie singer of Ubon Ratchathani. It tells the story of what happened on August 13, when Somtum was commissioned through the chat program by Somtum, a regular resident in the Warin Chamrap area. On the day of his birth he ordered a total of 1 nautical solution for sea pounds, 1 cup of Chinese rice, 1 cup of each. Then he asked the price of all the products because he had to prepare the money to fit it. For fear that there would be no change But the sister at the store did not answer. The chat just said it was coming out. Therefore, when you prepare the money for about 200 baht when sending the goods, it seems that the price of 440 baht, which usually goes to feed in the most expensive Somtum, is about 250-300 baht. But this papaya salad with mortar is too expensive. That's why you posted a Facebook page without specifying the store name, but you posted to just want to remind the seller. Customers who order by chatting on the page carefully The price should be clear. He therefore had his case as an example in the order of

Ms Suphansa also said this Initially, the store asked for an apology to ask for a refund. Explain that the expensive place to put is salmon. Ms. Supansa commented that other salmon stores were not expensive in the past. Or if that's the price, then you first have to tell the customer it's the price. If it's too expensive like that, he'll order something else instead. But all this, he wanted nothing, he just wanted to tell the public to be careful when ordering products via chat, which should be clear both price and product. The seller would like to be responsible for selling the product to match the price of the label.

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