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November 20, 2018


"Describes glowing skin overnight"

The lifestyle of people in era 4.0 cannot be avoided by pollution. In everyday life Is it air pollution caused by car exhaust, dust, cigarette smoke or germs from buses, electric buses or even touching the door.

Health professionals often tell us that. "If your skin is healthy, it's not difficult. Just exercise regularly, eat good food. And get enough sleep every day." But with obligation. And the community of people in era 4.0 forced us not to be able to follow these instructions, such as busy work, rather than returning late. Do not have time to exercise, morning and evening, it must be easy to eat. To return to work in the office, eat desserts, soft drinks or snacks, go home late. Working late, socializing, partying, sleeping late.

Of all the reasons mentioned. We know that we will go home for skin care, creams, facial masks, face masks, leave for 20-30 minutes and then wash to do it. I'm tired and lazy, I don't want to do it anymore, dry skin, flaky skin, freckles, spots, pimples or diarrhea are tired. Skin care What should be done?

UNYA Radiance Booster: "Rose Placenta & Rose Water Sleeping Mask" is a non-rinse night cream that can be used to treat facial skin. People in era 4.0 too.

Mask is a soft gel. Light, not greasy. Can be quickly absorbed into the skin. Don't leave it on the surface. He also has a soft aroma. From rose water

Active Ingredients come from 10 natural extracts that have been found and studied as the 10 most effective collaborative extracts. And the best results with the surface. His skin is radiant, young, soft, runny, watery (non-existent), wrinkles and dark spots appear to fade. Reduce it on the face. And reduce acne inflammation. The five most exclusive natural extract extracts are as follows.

    Rose Placenta: Rosemary Rose Extract, Rosa Damascena, is a rose that is loved by Cleopatra. Helps release skin cells, make collagen. And antioxidant activity. The extract is named as an Excellent Bleaching Effect.
    Rose Water: Rose water is extracted from rose petals. Features as Anti-septic and Anti-bacterial. Can prevent wrinkles. And irritation to the skin. It also helps restore skin cells. Tighten pores Add moisture. And balance the skin and anti-oxidants to brighten the skin. And healthy spots, spots and fade.
    Sodium Hyaluronate: Moisturizer and onto the skin. Helps skin look smoother, firmer and firmer to look youthful.
    Whitonyl: Red algae from France Innovative, high quality whitening agent to reduce pigmentation. And reduce pigment from pigment cells to cells. His skin glows.
    Codiavelane: green sponge, soft sponge from France Specially formulated with the same properties as natural moisturizers. Helps moisturize the skin. Without skin. Leaves skin soft and supple

UNYA produces the highest production standards, UNYA produces international standards (GMP, ISO and FDA), has a team of highly qualified scientists with more than 10 years of experience and distribution. In the form of companies that are registered to do medical business for almost 10 years, UNYA is sure to meet international standards. We don't allow a 4.0 lifestyle to stop our beauty. Let's face it.

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