Saturday , December 5 2020

Wat Phase Music Festival 2

The largest teenage music festival in the middle of Siam

Time to have fun. With the great music festival in the heart of Siam, who understands and likes teenagers most with Chang, the musical relationship presents "Wat The Phase!" Music Festival 2 "Facebook Two full days were held on 29-30 June at the Royal Paragon 1, 2, 3, 5th floor Hall, the Siam Paragon Trade Center, organized by GMM Grammy, the Phase Music Festival 2 is highly organized with more than 30 artists, including pop, rock, hip-hop.
And indie, such as The Toys, Cocktails, Oatmeal, Poppies, Lucky Draw, Organic x Lazy Locks x Hi, Policeman, Your Boy TJ, Pau Teto, Atomic Belt, Titan, Twenty Five Oysters, Big Butt, Lemon, , young shell, Tsunova audio system, Stamp Aphiwat, paradox and slot machine With lots of great indie-bands to play live

On the scene of the mini-scene, such as Bent Bean Town, Jib The Seabra, Coconut Sunday, COO, Devil Band & Dream Dream, Clock Works Motion, Passion of Anna, Sea, Blues, StarBox, Ever Rose, Daniel Dissayasarin and Thuan Thailand Activity areas that are prepared for teenagers to shoot with each other to make social updates, as well as comfortable play areas, horoscope zones, photography areas, and shopping areas.

Especially for all teenagers who buy VIP tickets to get privileges with FAST LANE (Fast Lane), registration is not required to connect to a long queue. Get closer to the artist, FRONT ROW (Front Row), front scene Easy access – go out, go to the stage (go to the stage) Stand Zone, see the special show on stage, LUCKY FAN. Early bird tickets are available for only 1600 baht (from the regular price of 2500 baht) on 8-10 May. This counter serves all tickets in 7-Eleven stores or And FB: WhatTheFestThai

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