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What to Do When "Bleeding in the Brain" (Part 2)

Causes of bleeding in the brain

"Stroke Force" Or Thai, called the Current Wind (also known as fainting) is a disorder of the level of consciousness in the brain. Make the brain lose its job right away May be temporary or permanent And most often affect the level of consciousness This condition consists of blood brain deficit and cerebral hemorrhage. In which only brain haemorrhage Which has many causes And affects the treatment So explain each of the following reasons:

1. The presence of capillaries in the brain interrupted by high blood pressure

Capillaries in the brain are weak structures in every human brain born in this human world. Because of the study of the anatomical structure of the human brain we found this In nature the capillaries in the brain are small blood vessels like human hair. Immediately separated from the large veins, which are reduced in size. Come to eat in the brain There are differences in this vascular size. In fact, the ingenuity of nature wants to bring quality blood from the heart to the brain. However, the cause of the structure is poor Due to the small diameter of the capillary compared to the diameter of the main vein Causes when there is a difference in blood pressure and loss of elasticity of the blood vessels from aging Or with high blood cholesterol Causes a regular tearing of the capillaries in the brain in this area

Brain haemorrhage due to the presence of capillaries in the brain varies with each patient. In some cases, there may not be much bleeding in the brain. While some people may experience large amounts of bleeding, the level of consciousness Swelling of the brain and bleeding of joints in the brain cavity will be a factor in the worsening of this group of patients. Which may predict unsatisfactory treatment outcomes in these patients

2. The presence of arterial aneurysms in the brain

Blood vessels in the brain become more like blowing balloons. This aneurysm causes inflammation of the walls of the blood vessels. Until it breaks or cracks Causes of large amounts of arterial blood and high pressure As the separation of the plumbing tube to flood the brain In the meat or in the brain cavity

The cause of arterial aneurysms in the brain is like the bulging of balloons. It is still unclear But it is understood that there are some causes for genetics Some parts can be caused by infection, etc.

This group of patients, albeit lower than in patients with high blood pressure brain capillaries But the symptoms of injury Or death is much higher Cause this is a disease caused by tearing the arteries Non-capillary in the brain In combination with aortic aneurysm in brain, often with severe complications, including arteriosclerosis in the brain After treatment within 4-14 days, the cause of the severity of arterial aneurysms in the brain is very high.

The treatment procedure is more complex. And at each step there is a risk of treatment There are currently two methods for treating arterial aneurysms in the brain. The main method is the brain surgery to tighten the arteries that are already inflated. And fill the artery that is inflated and then broken with a small platinum coil

3. The presence of varicose veins or stigma in the brain

Larger veins or scars in the brain Most common in children up to adulthood Typically, the arteries and veins in the human body are not directly related. Because of the differences in both vascular characteristics Both blood vessels are connected by capillaries. But in case of disturbances of varicose veins or in the brain, the arteries and veins are in direct contact. The cause of high blood pressure in the arteries is transmitted to the veins. Over time, there is a chance to interrupt. But the chances of tearing may not be as high as the presence of arterial aneurysm in the brain This type of bleeding in the brain can be found in the flesh or the brain cavity.

Patients with varicose veins or brains in the brain can be hospitalized with seizures, headaches, neck, limbs or unconsciousness. Bleeding in the brain in this patient group may be similar to that in patients with brain haemorrhage due to rupture of the capillaries. Special diagnostic tests are required for the treatment. Surgical Treatment Arterial occlusion and radiation screening consist of 3 methods that can help patients with complicated complications.

4. Bleeding in the brain, but not finding the cause

It is absolutely necessary to diagnose hemorrhage in the brain. Although the result after bleeding in the brain is similar Because the brain is a fragile structure There is a characteristic of the soft texture of the brain like tofu meat that is sold as a whole. When a blood clot suddenly appears in the brain It will cause brain rupture Cause the nervous path to break Immediately damaged

Bleeding in the brain In some cases, released blood can be scattered anywhere Under the skin Like a bloodbath around the brain that does not find blood in the brain As a result, there will be a blockage of water in the brain that will cause swelling of the brain. Cerebral edema leads to absorption of the patient.

Bleeding in the brain that is scattered everywhere Under the skin Sometimes, due to tearing the veins around the base of the brain, the patient will have symptoms similar to the patient's arterial aneurysms in the brain, and then breaks. However, the symptoms may not be as severe as a special diagnosis may have no source or cause of bleeding. In some cases, brain haemorrhage that is not found for this reason can be related to the condition of the patient such as the patient is pregnant. Patients with infection in the blood along with some heart disease Or patients who use some drugs like some vitamins and so on.

5. Bleeding in the brain from an accident

The brain is affected by an accident. Is One Of The Important Factors That Causes Bleeding In The Brain In Thailand there are periodic reports of brain injuries. From interesting agencies, including reports from the National Health Service (NHSO) or the Accreditation Center for Road Safety (TAO). Invalidity and Loss The key is damage and loss of the brain. Caused by the Accident That Happened Born by young people of working age, causing the nation to lose considerable labor in the nation's development.

The brain is contained in the skull. As a box When a shock occurs The brain will invade the skull on one side. While on the other side there is a rupture of the blood vessels From this process if rapid and high energy strokes will cause serious damage There is a lot of bleeding in the brain.

Next week we will discuss the symptoms caused by bleeding in the brain that have symptoms that need to be taken immediately to the hospital. Wait for you to follow.

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