Saturday , July 31 2021

Yes, there must be rubbish.

Following the power development plan or PDP 2018, it is clear that at the end of the plan there will be an additional capacity of 77,211 megawatts from the current 46,090 MW, of which 25,310 MW will be ejected from the system. And there will be new capacity to generate electricity of 56,431 megawatts, these quantities being 20,466 megawatts of renewable power plants, 500 megawatches of spare power plants, 2112 megawatt cogeneration plants. , Combined Heat Power Plant 13,156 MW, 1740 MW coal / lignite power plant, 8,300 MW new / renewable power plants and 5,857 MW of purchase abroad

According to the PDP plan, government policy to promote government over the years 61-80 consists of a 400 MW waste power plant, a state-owned biomass power plant, 120 megawatts in total, 520 megawatts. The Renewable Energy and Alternative Energy Development Plan (AEDP) consists of 3,376 megawatts of biomass, 546 megawatts of biogas, solar energy, and 10,000 megawatts of solar energy. Swimming with 2,725 megawatts of hydroelectricity, 1485 megawatts of wind energy, 44 megawatts of industrial waste and a total capacity of 18,176 megawatts of new electricity.
And in line with the government's promotion plan Recently, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) issued a license for the operation of the electricity business. Electricity Distribution License Power Distribution License Building Authorization (Aor.1) and Plant License (Ror 4) for Mitr Phol Bio-Power (Amnat Charoen) Co., Ltd.
About the Mitr Phol Bio-Power Biomass Plant (Amnat Charoen) Co., Ltd. project. with a capacity of 26 megawatts (MW), using fertilizer, sugar cane leaves and cut pieces of wood. As fuel, which is located in Nam Branch, Muang District, Amnat Charoen Province, formerly on December 21, 2018, the ERC decided to postpone the project in the first place. Because there is a Conservation Group and the Zeebe Conservation Network Submission A ERC is required to stop the authorization and study of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that may not be covered. And also concerned about the impact on the life and the environment in the community around the power plant
Therefore, to address complaints and significant problems of impact Referred to in the specific conditions at the end of the license, the ERC has recognized measures to reduce the impact on the environment. Additional public concern as Mitr Phol Group Representative expressed readiness to prepare such measures Be a Biomass Power Plant project So operators must strictly follow Care of the impact on society, society and the environment in the area of ​​sustainability if it is found to be in violation or non-compliance A pollution and impact are higher than standard to stop production immediately
Are you ready to emphasize that the ERC operation is based on the principles of good governance in governance. And respecting the rights of all stakeholders In order to oversee the energy business according to the authority and meets the objectives of the envisaged law "
However, it is now necessary to monitor whether the old power plant has expired. And the new power plant to be built to replace what will actually happen or not Because I have to admit that in the past, no matter what type of power plant was built Or solar power, renewable energy, wind, water or different clean energy They were opposed to some groups of people who had a reason not to accept the power plant Some for the public Some for personal gain Some people
But for anyone Yes, there must be rubbish. Prosperity comes with absolute loss. Therefore, when you want to prosper you have to accept the loss. But the least is to make the loss that will happen It is important to know how to use energy economically and valuable because you can save both the environment and the energy.

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