Wednesday , June 16 2021

Yong Ha Kim put the chains on the court, crying, "Please do not bring me back!" FIFA keeps an eye on you!

Yong Ha Kim put the chains on the court, crying, "Please do not bring me back!" FIFA keeps an eye on you!

From the case "Mr. Hakim" He was arrested by the Immigration Service while traveling from Australia He entered Thailand at Suvarnabhumi International Airport on December 7, 61, when Mr. Hakim was charged with persecution in Bahrain, destroying property From Damage at the Bahrain Police Station at 11, On December 61, the prosecutor filed a complaint with the criminal court for the temporary detention of Mr Hakim for 60 days while waiting for a request from Bahrain. Who wants to be sent as extradition

At 9.00 am, On February 4, the Deputy Minister detained Mr. Harlem Ali Mohammed Ali Oiribi, a former national football player from Bahrain. After the Ratchada Criminal CourtPublic Prosecutor Asks Court to Return to Adopt the Bahrain Sentence As a criminal The court dismissed Mr. Hakim. He came to consult for consent to return to Bahrain as the prosecutor filed the petition or not The details will be followed later.

During the staff took Hahim to the courtroom He called to the media that – Please tell him Do not send me back to Bahrain. Foster called to Harlem His wife told him "Stay strong"

There are representatives from the Australian Embassy in Thailand. Human Rights Organizations Inclusion of the International Football Federation (FIFA) is closely monitored

Craig Foster, a former Australian national captain The leader of the Harvard Release Campaign #SaveHakeem came to the Racda Criminal Court to comply with this petition.

Foster and Australian officials interviewing the media at the Ratchada Criminal Court Bring pliers to the yard together with the shackles Send terrible signals to the world And affect Thailand's image Including Thailand's role in organizing international football matches Because there is no guarantee that foreign players who come to Thailand will be protected

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