Thursday , August 18 2022

11 villages and villages in the region of the halls


The Diyarbakir governor's office made a written statement about the abolition of violent roads covering 11 settlements, including 4 settlements and 7 villages. To ensure the safety of people and property and to prevent citizens from being injured, the ban is abolished.

"Our province of Lice within the boundaries of territorial and forestry activities in the region, including senior leaders of the organization considered as separatist members of the terrorist organization and collaborators for neutralization, the region is assessed by members of the separatist terrorist organization using shelter, shelter, storage areas, destroyed air defense positions In order to ensure the safety of life and property of the people in the areas in which the operations are carried out and not to harm the civilian population, the lion's ions, in accordance with the relevant articles of the Provincial Administrative Law No. 5442, are the villages of Bayırlı, Baharlar, Yaprakköy and Yünlüce with hosts Yeşilburç, Mehmedil, Health, Gönen, Hamzabey and Kumumirza on 26 November 2018 on Monday at 06.00 hours were announced banning the decision to ban 27 Ks sım 2018 was issued on Tuesday at 24.00. We would like to thank our citizens for obeying the ban on the security of life and property.

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